Thursday September 3rd 2015

Thursday September 3rd – 01:00

20150905_104523 20150905_111327

Upon arrival at the hospital, I was holding Leo and immediately put into a wheelchair. I was pushed into a room full of doctors who started putting different medication into Leo – who was sleeping at this point. I could not even think in Spanish and I was praying that my husband arrived soon as I was so overwhelmed with everything and could not take it all in. Leo had a basic check and was then moved to the oncology ward on the third floor – the nurses continued to give anti-inflammatory medication. The doctors told us that the specialist and neurosurgeon would come and speak with us in the morning, at the moment it was important that Leo relaxed and got some rest.


Thursday September 3rd – Approx. 10 am

The doctors came in the morning with the neurosurgeon to say they were going to do some additional tests on Leo on the following Monday. They mentioned that the tumour was cancerous – we asked them how they knew this and they told us that they could tell from the image on the CT scan. We told them that the other hospital said he does not have much time and why we had to wait until Monday before anything was done. They informed us that he had fluid in the brain and that there was still inflammation, so they had to try and reduce this first before surgery. Leo himself was very content and happy. He was saying he wanted to go to the beach, was watching movies, laughing and eating lots of ice cream. He had a relaxing day, myself and Jorge stayed with him for the night, apart from his right hand being weak he looked in perfect health.


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