August 2015- More and more signs….

20150806_222051 20150701_195830

Leo continued vomiting on and off in the mornings and he had lost his appetite completely, all he wanted to do was to lie on the sofa, watch TV and sleep. He was not interested in playing with toys or with his sister Sofia. We assumed he had no energy as he was not eating, he was doing a lot of heaving mainly in the mornings. I went back to the paediatrician and he again told me that it was probably just a virus and gave some vomiting medication, I asked him could he not do additional blood tests and he sent me to the hospital for the relevant tests.

At the hospital I expressed my worries and they did a blood test, urine test and X-ray. They eventually told me that he had small kidney stones which they picked up from the X-ray. They advised me to just give him a lot of water and they would wash out of his body. I told them that I had a feeling that something was strange with him but they assured me once again that he was ok. Three days later we returned back to the paediatrician for the results of the full blood test which were all clear.

One week later the vomiting started again we went to the emergencies in our local village and again they said it was a virus, prescribing more vomiting medication. Leo was still not himself and I made another appointment to visit the paediatrician, I asked the paediatrician if it was possible that he had suddenly become lactose intolerant and he said it could be possible. I informed my husband that as the doctors were not interested we had to find out what was causing the vomiting ourselves. I went and asked a pharmacist about if it was possible to suddenly become lactose intolerant over the space of a month and she told me yes, so I decided to cut lactose from Leo´s diet. If the doctors were not interested then we would find out what was wrong ourselves!

Another week or so passed and it was Wednesday 2nd September 2015. Leo was vomiting again and we had also noticed that he did not have much strength in his right hand and yet again we went to the emergencies at the medical centre in the morning. The doctor on duty told us to make an appointment with Leo´s paediatrician, but she did say that if she was the paediatrician she would ask for an X-ray on the hand. We made an appointment with the paediatrician for the following day, Thursday. She prescribed more medication for the vomiting.

Leading into Wednesday afternoon I was watching Leo very closely, I noticed that his arm seemed to get worse. I tried to play with him and get him to use his right arm but he knew what I was doing and screamed out of frustration at me and his sister when we tried to force him to use it as he knew that he could not.

As the day continued I became more and more worried about the hand issue, I looked on the internet and it showed cases of cerebral palsy. My heart stopped, how could it be something so serious? Me and my husband knew inside there was something wrong and the doctors were not noticing us and not doing anything. What could we do, as a parents instinct you know when your child is not right.

Wednesday evening I called my husband and told him that we needed to go to the main hospital because neither of us were happy and we were both very worried. What was happening to Leo that the doctors were not noticing?? We left my daughter with my parents and headed up to the main hospital in Huercal Overa about 25 minutes away.


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