Friday 18th September 2015

Friday September 18th 2015

This morning Leo still had a fever, the doctors were still waiting for the results of the blood test. The main doctor asked us into a room to speak about Leos condition, I knew I would not remember half of what she said so I secretly recorded her. She said that they were 99% sure that the cancer was Teratoma and it was not cancerous and Leo would not need chemotherapy when he left the hospital, it would be all about his recovery.

Apparently if it was this type of tumour it comprised of body parts such as bones etc.….. This was great news for us as his little body would not be able to take any more intervention. We were not over the big hurdle yet as we had to wait until Monday for the pathologist to confirm this 100%. We were going to cross our fingers all weekend. The doctors main concerns were how Leo was behaving and if this could be permanent. We told her that apart from the fever we had seen an improvement in Leo during the previous couple of days and we felt in our hearts that everything would be ok. She advised us about the infection he had that it was bacterial and he was on antibiotics now until Monday when they knew the results of the blood test so they could then find a more accurate antibiotic for the infection. She told us that the infection could have gone into the brain fluid that is causing his head to be inflamed and if so there was treatment for that, it wasn’t a big problem.

Leo was more relaxed and awake and he even gave us a couple of smiles as the day went on. Our hopes we raised again that everything would be ok and he would make a full recovery. The most important thing to me was that he still knew who his mummy and daddy were. I went home in the afternoon to see my baby girl Sofia and spend some time with her, I felt quite relaxed and content going home for the night.

About an hour after I left the hospital, Jorge told me that Leos fever had increased again and he looked like he was in pain. A few more hours passed and Leos heartrate was increasing and increasing. The nurse decided to take another blood and urine test. The results were back quickly to say that he was anaemic. He needed an urgent blood transfusion as his little heart was trying to beat sof ast as there was a lack of blood in his body. The nurses gave Leo a blood transfusion within the next couple of hours and some additional antibiotics.

Jorge also noticed that he seemed to be making some strange pain noises and he thought it was from his stomach, the nurse also noticed this and they did a scan of stomach but to no avail. The nurses advised us that in the morning the doctor would do an eco on his stomach. Needless to say Jorge did not manage to get much sleep that night.


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