Leo and his Life


Leo and his Life

Leo the Lion was born 6th December 2012 naturally in Huercal Overa, Spain after a normal pregnancy and birth. His sister Sofia was four and a half years old when he was born. He was the missing part to our family in order for it to be complete. When he was a baby he was colic and very difficult to satisfy. He began walking at 10 months old and had always been a bit clumsy. He had the biggest brown eyes people had ever seen which must have been from the Mexican and English genes as his dad Jorge is Mexican.

He began nursery when he was just 9 months old and attended the same nursery as his older sister Sofia. The nursery was around the corner from our house and so was the school, it was perfect. The women that worked in the nursery adored Leo although they did say he was a bit of a terror at times.

Every couple of months we would receive a telephone call that he had a fever or he was sick. He had tonsillitis a few times and had a lot of problems with chest infections, which eventually the doctors confirmed as asthma. He had to take asthma medication daily and was prescribed amoxicillin more times than I can remember. We became regulars at the medical centre.

As the months went on we noticed when Leo was running he would always have his left arm down by his side and it was very floppy. We went to the paediatrician and expressed to him our concerns, he did some basic tests and confirmed that it was normal how Leo was acting and he had adequate strength in his left arm. He continued at the nursery and it was becoming almost a routine that every couple of weeks we would receive a call from the nursery that he was ill again. We would go back to the paediatrician again and he would give amoxicillin and advise us everything was normal, as he was a young child at nursery and there were many viruses at the nursery.

Leo´s Character

Leo was a typical boy into everything and anything the opposite of his sister Sofia, everyone kept telling me that it is normal with a boy. He has such a cheeky look on his face when he knows he is doing something that he shouldn’t be doing. Sofia and Leo played so well together and she protected and looked after him as though he is the most important thing to her in the world. Leo´s other side to his personality is almost indescribable, he is one of the most caring and loving children I know. He will always flood his family with hugs and kisses and often say I love you to his family. He is for sure a mummy’s boy and is always content if his mummy is in his view.


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