Monday 14th September 2015

Monday September 14th 2015


In the morning we went to visit our baby again in the intensive care unit, he was still sedated so he did not know what was going on. There was little change and he was just being monitored very closely. I spoke with a doctor who told me that the brain cells that had been damaged were the ones related to the sight and he could be blind. Two days ago I am sure and I know Leo was looking at me and I had to believe my motherly instincts and think positive. Nobody knew my little boy like I did. It felt like everyday we heard something different.

We came to the conclusion that the doctors didn’t actually really know what to expect from Leo and that we had to stop listening to them as they all had very different opinions that were worlds apart from each others. We would not just go with our own instincts and feelings. We are his parents.

I went home in the afternoon and stopped at the local medical centre to ask for a record of dates that we had visited Leos paediatrician and gone to emergencies. They advised me that they did not have this information and I had to make an appointment with the paediatrician to know this information, I told the receptionist I did not have time for this as my son was in hospital with a brain tumour. I then saw my doctor who had seen Leo with me 2 days before he was admitted in hospital and I told her about my anger towards the paediatrician and that all the doctors in Almeria hospital had told me the signs were all there for a brain tumour and the paediatrician did not pick it up. She told me that there was nothing concrete then and it was easily missed. My blood was boiling…….Leo was my priority first and when he recovered I would do everything in my power to make sure this did not happen to another child due to the paediatrician not listening to the motherly instincts and taking the symptoms seriously.


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