Monday 7th September 2015

Monday September 7th 2015


The following day after the operation we woke up early to go and see Leo as we were not permitted to sleep in the same room as him. We had been given a room in the oncology ward which was private with 2 beds and a shower for us. We went into see Leo, he was still heavily sedated and unconscious, he was not breathing on his own. The doctors had put a small drain into his head to release the excess blood from after the operation. They had also put another instrument which was inserted into a tiny hole into his head which measured the pressure inside his head to ensure he did not have more convulsions.

We popped in and out to see him during the day, it was so painful to see him like this but we needed to be there to support him through this. It was just pulling at my heart strings every time I saw him. I found myself just going outside on my own to release all the emotions so that I did not show Leo the hurt and pain we were suffering. We had to be strong for him, he had never needed us so much in whole life than he did now. The day felt like a week, we tried to remain positive but we had no answers. The doctors did not know what damage to the brain had been done, and the biopsy results of the tumour would not be back for 10-12 days.


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