September 2nd – approx. 7.30pm – Our Lives Changed forever

September 2nd – approx. 7.30pm – Our Lives Changed forever

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We arrived at the hospital in Huercal Overa the same hospital where Leo was born – we went straight to emergencies. We explained to the doctor about Leos hand, the vomiting and tiredness. He was confused about the hand issue and various other doctors came into the room to assess, not one of them had any ideas why it was all happening. Some thought we should just go home and that Leo was being lazy. They requested an X-ray and a blood/urine test as one doctor advised us that it is common for a bone to come out of place in a child of this age. The doctors tried to get Leo to grab various objects with his right hand but he couldn’t, he was just getting frustrated. In the end, about 6 doctors said he was fine and it was maybe a lazy period but thank god there was one doctor that knew it wasn’t right. I will always owe this doctor my life as he saved my little boys life. This doctor who I have yet to find his name asked for CT scan of Leo´s head. We waited in the waiting room quite relaxed, Leo was laughing and joking. Jorge actually made a comment that he had not seen him this happy for a long, long time. We got called back into the room for the results, and I was just waiting for the doctors to prescribe more antibiotics as that was the routine now in Leo´s life. As we walked into the room I could tell by the look on the faces that it was something bad. They explained to Jorge in Spanish, my mind went blank but all I could understand was a mass in his head, tumour, cancer and he didn’t have much time. I walked out of the room to go outside – my world had just collapsed.

I ran outside in tears, trying to control my breathing and called my parents who also broke down. I also called a couple of friends who, like my parents did not know what to say. Was this really happening to us or was it a nightmare? I tried to get myself together a bit and returned back to the doctors office where Jorge and Leo were. Leo didn´t understand what was going on he kept saying hello to the doctors and smiling. He looked so content and he had no idea that his whole life had just been turned upside down in an instant and he had no clue what was going on in his tiny head. The doctor explained a little bit more saying there was a 7cm tumour in his head, it was still growing and we did not have much time. He did say there was a possibility it was not cancer but it did need removing asap. It was located on the left side of the brain – this is the reason that it was affecting his right hand. He organised for us to be immediately transported in an ambulance to Torrecardenas Hospital, Almeria. As there was swelling in the brain they put some anti-inflammatory medication into Leo´s veins to try and reduce it. The doctor informed us that when we arrive in Almeria the surgeons may decide to operate that night.

Was this real? I expected to be going to the pharmacy to pick up some more antibiotics not thinking about my son having life saving brain surgery to remove a huge tumour from his poor head.


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