Sunday 13th September 2015

Sunday September 13th 2015


In the morning it was back to groundhog day again, we woke up early and then at about 9am we went to see our baby boy in intensive care. We were upset by his appearance, the doctors had taped his closed again the same like the day after surgery to keep the eyes closed and the lubrication inside the eyes. He didn’t even look like a child never mind our baby boy, he looked like a doll that had been poked and prodded so may times. All I wanted to do was hold my baby boy back in my arms again and tell him we were going to the play in the park with Sofia.

His heart beat was also very elevated and the doctors were also worried about this. He was still having mild convulsions and moving his arms in strange positions with his fists clenched which was not a good sign. We tried hard to keep our faith and transmit positive energy to him which was easier said than done. We visited him a few times during the day and then we went into the city for a drink to clear our heads a bit in order to come back to the hospital with a clear mind and positive energy for Leo.


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