The Birthday Disaster – December 6th 2014



On Leo´s 2nd Birthday December 6th 2014, we decided to have a party at my mother and father´s house which we decorated the outside with balloons, food and a cake was prepared. Leo was playing outside and looking handsome waiting for his friends to arrive. Thirty minutes before the party started we took our eyes off Leo for a moment, and in that small amount of time he swung on a ceramic fountain and it fell down and he fell down onto the small stones in the garden. His face was a mess with blood pouring out everywhere on his temple. Jorge and my mother took him to the emergencies and they put some glue in the main cut and advised them that they needed to monitor in case he had convulsions or vomited. They did not do any X-ray on his right hand side of his head to confirm any problems internally. Leo´s friends arrived for his party but Leo could not even play or anything – his face was a disaster and he could hardly open his right eye. Now, I am thinking maybe this could have been the trigger to everything that is happening now as a head scan was never done and the injury happened on the temple of a head of someone so young.


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