Thursday 10th September 2015

Thursday September 10th 2015


Today we received the good news that the pressure in his head had finally decreased. This was a huge relief for all of the family. Leos left eye was more open due to the decrease in inflammation and we felt like we were a step closer to getting our baby boy back step by step. I decided to leave the hospital early and surprise Sofia as it was her first day of school and she began at 11.30am. She was very upset when I arrived at my mothers house and kept saying that she wanted her brother there with her at school as it was supposed to also be Leos first day at big school. I was hounded at the school by all of the mothers asking about Leo, it was amazing to have so much support but at the same time so overwhelming and upsetting as I had to keep repeating myself in 2 languages.

I headed back to the hospital in the evening and Leo was still sedated, we spoke to him and put our hands on him so he could feel our presence. We made good friends with a lovely trainee paediatrician called Maria Gonzalez. She spoke English which was a big comfort for me, she was only 28 years old but so pleasant and I was able to ask her all about my doubts in my own language.


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