Thursday 17th September 2015

Thursday September 17th 2015

I stayed at home last night and Jorge told me they took Leo for his MRI this morning, he said they gave him some medication to make him pass out so his body was relaxed for the scan. We were told we would get the results the same day but of course it is Spain and nothing happens the same day. I arrived at the hospital to see Leo very alert and definitely looking at me, his pupils were more focused and I was joking and with him and he did his first smile to me. He even understood when I asked him to open his mouth for his dummy. My heart melted, I tried to get the camera to catch it but I was too late so I just caught half a smile. I was so happy, finally I was seeing some progress! And I could see the real Leo again if only for a few split seconds, I knew he was in there somewhere.

As the day went on myself and Jorge were very happy. Jorge left in the afternoon to go and spend the night with Sofia and I stayed with Leo.

As the evening went on Leo seemed to be getting warmer, I checked his temperature and it was 38 so the nurses wanted to take a blood sample to check for a virus. They must have poked Leo about 5 times, one time Leos blood sprayed them on the arm. They couldn’t find his vein, eventually between 3 nurses they managed to get a blood sample and they sent it to the lab for testing. I continued checking Leos temperature and it continued to increase up to 39.7 degrees. I advised the nurses and they told me to just be patient for the paracetamol to work that they had given him. How could I be patient when his fever was continuing to rise. I began to get agitated and I got my friend Loli to speak to the nurse. They advised her that they had put some different medication and I had to wait an hour to see a change.

Eventually the doctor returned, she told me that Leo had no viruses and she had a suspicion that the place where his tumour was had filled up with a liquid, it could be blood, pus or fluid from the brain. She called the neurosurgeon who was on duty and he stuck a needle into the side of Leos head where the inflammation was and took a sample of the liquid. He could tell by the colour that it was brain fluid mixed with a tiny bit a blood. He said as the tumour was so big that the surgeon had put some artificial tissue between the brain and the skull and maybe it had not sealed yet. Apparently it was nothing to worry about and the neurosurgeon would explain everything to us in the morning.

Back to the waiting game again, eventually they put some antibiotics into Leos veins and his fever decreased. The doctor did notice something about Leo today, she told me that he looked very natural and relaxed but one thing was missing he wasn’t making any noises, speaking or crying. I kept reassuring myself it was still very early since the operation and it was a major operation but at the back of my mind I was thinking how could Leo not cry after being poked and prodded so many times? He used to cry for a blood test before the tumour was removed……

The neurosurgeon advised me that the area of the tumour is the same area of the cells that control the speech and maybe it had been affected, but he was still young and could learn things again. We would get the full explanation of everything in the morning. How on earth was I going to sleep tonight thinking maybe I would never hear another noise come out of my baby boys mouth again…….


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