Tuesday 15th September 2015

Tuesday September 15th 2015


Leo didn’t have the MRI yet as the doctor thought it would be better and more important for him to be relaxed and give a chance for the brain to heal, everyday the doctors say something different, one day positive the next negative. I have decided that they do not really know how Leo will wake up but what I do know is that my little boy is a fighter “Leo the lion” and he will pull through. The doctors do not know if he can hear me but as his mother I KNOW from the motherly instinct that he can and he is listening to me telling him to be strong and making pinkey promises with me that he will get through this. I do believe in my heart of hearts no matter what the doctors say that Leo will be back to his old mischievous self in no time.

Tomorrow they might do some more brain tests but everyday things change so when we do have more news I will update everyone. This Friday we should also have the biopsy results so I am crossing my fingers that by the end of this week we have more answers. At the moment he is still not really conscious or aware what is happening.

Leo was still in the intensive care and still under heavy sedation. I visited him a few times in the day and read him a book. We skyped the family and still tried to remain positive. I decided to go for a long walk to clear my head, I did not know what to do. It hurt so much to see my baby boy the way he was but on the other hand I wanted to support him so he knew I was there.

I walked down the hill from the hospital and saw building that said ´The Church of Jesus Christ´ I decided I would go inside and say a prayer for my Leo. I walked into the church and it was strange, I could not see a central room for masses. There were some young boys there, I tried to explain in Spanish that I wanted to say a prayer for my son who had a brain tumour, they called another couple of guys out from a meeting. I was shocked that these guys spoke english, one of them was from California and the other one was from Canada. They said we could say a prayer in a private room for Leo, it was beautiful a guy from South America said a prayer for Leo in Spanish. I asked these guys who were called ´missionaries´ could they come to the hospital to bless Leo, we agreed they would come the following day. I was holding onto anything that could help my baby.



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