Wednesday 16th September 2015

Wednesday September 16th 2015

This morning Jorge arrived back early and we went to visit Leo. They informed us that they were going to do an electric magnetic test on his to test his brain function and assess the damaged areas and if he was still having more convulsions. At p.m. we were informed that the good news was that Leo was not having more convulsions, the movements he was doing were not from convulsions. They also told us that his brain was damaged but they could not assess what exactly was damaged the most. The positive side they told us was that he was a young child and would be able to learn things again, it would be easier for him than an adult in the same situation to learn things again. Leo was in a stable state again with his eyes open so they decided to move him back again to the oncology ward. We felt happy and that we had overcome another hurdle and that things were looking up once again. It was positive news.

In the afternoon the ´missionary´ boys came. They put blessed olive oil on Leo and said a prayer that was from their hearts and blessed him. They were very pleasant and kind. They gave myself and Jorge a bible, which was titled ´The book of Mormons´. We did not even realise they were Mormons until we received the book. We asked them a little bit about their religion which made sense. We did not care about their religion everything was to help Leo and we had come to the conclusion that we were willing to try anything to help our baby boy. We slept well with Leo in the same room, he was more alert and looking at us and he even gave us a smile. For the first time we actually saw our normal happy Leo back behind all of the hospital tubes. It was another step forward. Jorge stayed with Leo during the night and he noticed that he had a small fever but the nurses said it was nothing really to worry about as it didn’t increase to more than 38 degrees.


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