Wednesday 9th September 2015

Wednesday September 9th 2015


The third day after the operation and Leo was still in the intensive care unit. It was so upsetting to continue to walk past the premature babies on a daily basis. I began to feel anxious and nervous if we had not seen Leo for a few hours, what news were we going to hear? I had no more tears left anymore I had just begun to feel numb. Part of me still felt like it wasn’t real and Leo would be fine or that I would wake up and it would all be a nightmare. Leo began to come off the sedation and began breathing on his own which was a incredible relief.  His right eye was open but due to the inflammation the left one was still closed. I could see one of my beautiful boys eyes again, I was happy but he still wasn’t there.

The doctors did advise us that the pressure in his head was still high The doctors had warned us that if the pressure did not decrease then he would need another operation to remove part of his skull to release the pressure and then another operation to put the part of the skull back when the pressure had gone down. It was a serious operation as it was related to the brain so our emotions began running high again and thinking the worst.

We tried to talk to him a lot and play a couple of his favourite songs but we did not want to stimulate his mind too much. Again as on a daily basis we would ask the doctors about damage which was caused to Leo from the tumour but the answers were always the same……it is a waiting game…´we need to wait and see´…nobody knew not even the doctors how my baby boy was going to wake up. We were dealing with a doctor called Maria who was on her third year of becoming a paediatrician, she spoke English and she was so friendly, she was only 28 years old. She even took my number to have English classes when Leo recovered which I was praying on a daily basis would be very soon.


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