Monday 21st September 2015

Monday 21st September 2015

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The middle photo is of mine, Jorges and Leos favourite doctor Maria Gonzalez who has become more like a friend than a doctor. x

Leo was back in the intensive care unit. We went to visit him in the morning but he was sleepìng so we decided it was better to leave him.

My friend Loli and my brother and sister came to the hospital and we went to see Leo and he was having mild convusions, his heart rate was about but then it decreased to about 55 bmp. The lights were flashing on the machine and our hearts stopped, how could the nurse be so relaxed when Leos heart rate had just decresed by 50%.

I began speaking to Leo and touching him and his heart rate increased to the normal, the doctor was worried as it was a bit lower than it should be.

We left Leo in peace decided to go for some lunch. We managed to get a CD with all of Leos scans and reports to sent to other doctors for second opinions. I was not going to let my baby boy die no matter what.

In the afternoon after lunch we went back to visit Leo and he was having more convulsions, and he had a fever that was increasing. The doctor told us that it was fatal now and she had not seen any improvement in Leo since the operation. But we had and we were his parents, we knew differently.

The docs gave Leo more medication for the fever and convulsions and they were running our of more options if these did not work. I left the intensive care unit as I had a bit of the flu and it was too upsetting to see Leo in pain like that. Jorge stayed and Jorge relaxed him and his fever decreased a bit and the convulsions stopped a bit.

Tomorrow is a new day, and we need to stay positive and remember that our boy is a fighter.

We went to the commercial centre for lunch, praying for good news when we returned.

We went back to see Leo at about 7pm, he still had a fever and the docs were giving him more medication. It was just breaking my heart to see his little diaphram and chest struggling to breath. I left Jorge to get Leo relaxed as I had a bit of a cold and didn´t even want to risk infecting my little cutie at all with my germs.


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