Sunday 20th September 2015

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Sunday 20th September 2015

This morning my mother was still here and we were all trying to sit by Leos bedside. The male doctor came back and said Leo was the same as the previous day without conducting any tests or giving us any hope. I kept asking him about percentages of Leo surviving but he was unable to say, all he said was very little. My friend Alize arrived as support and we both broke down when we saw each other. I asked the doctors could we see the scans from the MRI and he showed us them on his computer, I photographed them for my record. He explained the extent of the brain damage and again showed us the encephalo and how the brain had been starved from oxygen. According to the images nearly all of the left side of our baby boys brain had been destroyed due to this aggressive tumour.The positive point in the morning was that Leo smiled a couple of times at me, and still had his cheeky look, even though the doctor didnt believe me Alize saw it with her own eyes also. My boy was still in there somewhere. 🙂

At 10 am the other doctor arrive Maria-Angeles, she is the doctor who advised us previously of the type of tumour and that she fely optimistic for Leos recovery. She told he that Leo had deteriorated a lot in the past 24 hours due to this bacteria infection in his body. She told us that when she had spoken with us on Friday that she did not have the blood results until later that day and they revealed that Leo had septecemia. She told us this was the cause to the irregular breathing, high blood pressure, fever etc. She told us that his body was not strong enough to fight the infection like on an average person. She also said that she had seen people in worse states that had defeated the infection, we expressed our concerns about what the other male doctor had said about the encephalo problem and she told us that this is not a concern at the moment. The point is that the infection is in Leos body but there were good signs that his pressure and oxygen remained good, he was conscious that we were there and even did half a smile and also he was urinating so many parts of his organs were still funcioning well. She said for us to try to be positive but on the other hand we had to also understand that Leo was very sick and that his brain could stop or his body give up at any moment. This made us feel a bit more positive about the situation as our boy is a fighter ´Leo the lion´, we were a long way to being out of the woods yet though. We also asked about him being transferred to another hospital and tried to get second opinions but the doctors said everything that could be done was being done here. They gave Leo some medication for the mild convulsions which relaxed him and took an x ray to see if there was a build up of mucus in his chest and he was unable to cough.

Leo was transfered in the evening back to Intensive Care. We were praying that this would be the third time lucky as he had already returned there 2 times previously.

Myself and Jorge went for a drink with my brother and sister who had just arrived to disconnect a bit from reality. Tomorrow was a new day.



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