A little bit of good news!


Some good news! 🙂

We just had the results of the biopsy and it has been confirmed as an ´Immature Teratoma´ tumour. Which means that if it had been left longer it could have become cancerous but it had not got to that stage.

Leo would not need chemotherapy or additional treatment now all of the tumour had been removed.

All my little munchkin has to do now is to fight this deadly virus from his body and the rest should get easier. He was proving how much of a fighter he was by still hanging in there.

If it wasn´t for this virus now in his poor body we would be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel…..but at the moment it still looks very dark…

I told Jorge that my dream is for Leo to get through this and prove that to doctors that there can be miracle cases, especially in kids.  I would love to use all the money that my brother is generating to get support and physio for Leo in order for him to recuperate faster.

In the future I would love to bring him back to the hospital to show him all of the doctors and nurses that supported him and helped him and let them all see what he really is like as a person when he is not stuck in a hospital bed.


2 thoughts on “A little bit of good news!

  1. We pray that Leo is soon on the road to recovery stay positive for him. Our prayers are also with you and all the family. Love Lyn xx


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