Leos Tumour Facts

Leos Tumour was confirmed as an Immature Teratoma.

It was confirmed that he would have been born with it and it was growing slowly.

The size of the was bigger than we thought, it was 9.5 x 8 cm which is heartbreaking to hear.

It weighed 93.7grams

This image is Leos brain after the tumour was removed, which is the white area on the right. Some parts in white are the areas which were starved from oxygen.
If anyone knows anything about the brain and child brain surgery, any comments about it would be helpful as every doctor here says a different story. The tumour took up so much of his left brain and it has come to this now all because the doctors and paediatricians were not listening to us that something was wrong. I am optimistic if he can overcome this blood infection that we can teach him things again and other cells of the brain can perform multiple functions. I just want my boy back. 12053224_10153625676411585_106213740_n


2 thoughts on “Leos Tumour Facts

  1. Hi Karen
    I don’t know you personally but I have connection with Vera Playa.
    I followed another blog on Facebook of a little girl with a brain tumour & her parents were in awe of an organisation called HeadStart which provided them with support but more importantly loads of information.
    It might be somewhere to ask the many questions you must have.
    It is good to hear that Leo has made some small improvements & I hope he continues to do so.
    Best wishes to you & you family.


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