Wednesday 23rd September 2015 – A Baby Step Forward


I was thinking this time exactly 3 weeks ago we were in La Peperina Restaurant and Leo was eating a smarties ice cream and doing his beautiful smile.  If someone would have told us we would be in this situation now I would have said there is more chance of seeing a pig fly…..little did I know…. what doesn´t kill you makes you stronger. And our family will be stronger than ever before after this challenging time. After some of the scenes I have seen with kids in this oncology unit here, having chemo and still smiling, and things I have been through in the last 3 weeks I have realised that silly things in life do not matter any more. Family is the most important thing in the world and the support of good friends.

Last night we managed to sleep as Leo didnt have a fever which was a good sign.

So it was 1pm and we had a daily meeting with the doctor. I felt sick in the stomach before the meeting, I was holding onto Leos dummy in my hand as a good luck charm. Last night my family lit Leos baptism candle as a good friend Ana of mine said it would be good luck for him. We were willing to try anything possible to  save our boy.

The doctors seemed more relaxed they told us that they did an X ray of Leos lungs this morning and there was a big improvement, more than they expected. The blood test also showed that the infection had decreased slightly. He was far from being out of the woods yet but it was a baby step forward……we are both so happy. The doctors did also say things can change either way quickly so we cannot get too excited….. Leo was still fighting that was the main thing.

We went to see him and he was sleeping but I whispered in his ear the message from Carrina (Leos Aunty) that everything was going to be ok and that he had to continue fighting and he would win in the end.

They removed the staples from his brain operation also, and the septicemia infection has not gone to the brain or kidneys which is another good sign.

Little by little……time is a great healer….


3 thoughts on “Wednesday 23rd September 2015 – A Baby Step Forward

  1. Oh Karen and Jorge, it´s a baby step, but it´s a step and you know how babies do, one day it´s a step, next day they run, let´s pray it will be this way for Leo!!!So glad to hear some positive news!!hang in there!!x


  2. The power of love has massive healing properties, so stay strong and keep loving your boy as there is no stronger love than that of a mother for her child, and take strength from the love and care of family and friends around you. I hope and pray that every hour of every day there is another baby step forward, however small, on his road to recovery. Warmest thoughts, Annette x


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