Thursday 24th September 2015 – The light at the end of the tunnel is not as close as we had originally thought….

Thank you to all of the people following Leo’s story…..yesterday it had nearly 1000 views. ❤ x

The light at the end of the tunnel is not as close we originally thought 😦


Last night we had a couple of lovely visitors Angela and Mikeila, it was so nice to see different faces instead of seeing hospital staff. After they left myself and Jorge decided to stay the night at an apartment which the cancer association had provided to us which was 5 minutes from the hospital.  We thought it would give us a bit of time to recharge the batteries, in order to transmit more positive energy to Leo. I don’t think a word even exists to describe how mentally and physically exhausted we both are at the moment. Leo was in a stable state also, so we felt comfortable leaving and we could be back at the hospital in 5 minutes if needs be.

We decided to have a snack at a place around the corner as you can only have so much hospital food and mcdonalds. As we were sitting there outside the restaurant, I was looking around at all the people in the street, people laughing, joking, talking without a care in the world. I was thinking to myself that I was the same 3 weeks ago, I am still lost for words how things can change so quickly in anybody’s life, I would not wish any of this pain or hurt to my worst enemy in the world. Nobody should have to feel like this or 1% of this pain in their whole life or have to go through all of these feelings of pain that I never knew even existed before.

Today the time at arrived for the doctors meeting at 1pm. I was clasping Leo’s dummy in my hand again for good news. The doctors said that the lung x ray had improved again and the infection in he he blood test had also decreased a little bit. They told us that they had removed the ventilator as Leo had demonstrated that he could breathe on his own. It was good news….we felt like another tiny bit of the weight had come off… was all about baby steps…..

We went to see Leo, he was so alert, he cracked a little smile. He knew we were there and was trying to move his arms and legs around. He looked so much better….considering we were told 4 days ago that he had hours to live….we knew he still had a long way to go but it was a move in the right direction.

We put on Leo a beautiful religious bracelet that a mother at the school had given, hoping it would bring him more luck, Thank you again for all of the cards which we have also received and gifts…..especially The original “Leo the Lion” teddy from Melanie,Mark and family.


I am sorry I cannot answer all calls, the messages and calls have just been overwhelming. My friend Angela told me that mums at Leo’s school are crying at the gates and asking her for updates on him. Thank you Angela for managing all of that side of things. X

I came back tonight to spend time with Sofia as Leo was good……things changed then I regretted my decision to leave the hospital….

As the evening went on Jorge told me that Leo had a high fever of 38.7 degrees….the doctor had given him more medication to reduce the fever and stop the mild convulsions that he was having again…It was a sign that the septicemia was still badly infecting his body and maybe the antibiotics were being defeated…..he had gone two days without fever and then again back again. Feels like we are going step forward then 2 steps back….I was still determine  and trying to be positive that Leo was going to win this battle.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings……


One thought on “Thursday 24th September 2015 – The light at the end of the tunnel is not as close as we had originally thought….

  1. Hi family, we prayed all days for Leo, ‘ cos want see him very soon in his house with us, again smiling and playing and with friend j.f. that always asked form him.with lovely from palomares a.r.


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