Friday 25th September 2015- A baby´s cry never sounded so good….

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Again thank you for all the feedback from everyone and support as normal and donations….I am so speechless, the video of Leo crying had about 2,200 views in 6 hours…..amazing….

First the Thank you´s

Judy Lewin- Thank you for your amazing message….I was very very close to crying reading it. Means a lot thank you. xx

Asha- I read to Leo his new Toy story book today…Thank you to you both for the gifts. Xx

Mikeila- Thank you for setting up the collection box in your bar. Xxx

Sean (my brother) and the S & P team for making the fundraising video- Such an amazing video.

Doctor Maria- You know who you are- Thank you for checking on my baby boy in the middle of the night when we are not there. xx

So here we go….

I came to the hospital today at about midday, was feeling sick in the stomach on the car ride here about what the doctors were going to tell us at 1pm after the fever episode last night.

We met the doctors and they told us that Leos lungs had cleared from the infection, the liver was still a bit inflammed and the infection had still not attacked his head or his kidneys…the septicemia was still in his body but was slightly less than the previous day…..

The doctors advised us that they had a back up plan if his fever got bad that they could change the antibiotics for the weekend which was a relief…as the weekends made us very nervous here at the hospital as things ceased to exist and function well on weekends!

The doctors told us that today was the best day they had seen Leo since the operation….this was absolutely brilliant news to us!!  His head was more inflamed today as the brain fluid was still leaking out as the artificIal tissue had not sealed yet between his brain and skull, this apparently was nothing to worry about the doctors put a bandage on his head to push the fluid back in, if this did not work then they would drain the liquid out of his head.

Then the doctors told us that he cried last night, of course we could not totally believe it until we saw or heard it ourselves… We walked into the intensive care and heard a baby crying….myself and Jorge said to each other ´Is that Leo´… we went into his room and it was, he was crying like he used to…..we were so happy…..never ever thought in a million years I would say that I was happy to hear Leo crying and he had real tears…it brought tears to our eyes…he had not cried since the operation -19 days- it was amazing….I could have got a CD and listened to it all day of him crying…it was music to our ears! J The doctors had said that they had been worrried as he had not cried and it could have been to do with the intervention on the brain….so this was a huge relief to us…

Leo had a good day, he was very alert and looking at us although we did not know how much he could actually see… he went a step back last night but leaped forward today, a day can make so much difference. Even the doctors said that they were surprised at how fast his lungs had cleared and how much he was fighting the infection.

Finally I managed to actually have a sleep in the afternoon, feels like a big weight has come off…We know Leo is far from being out of the woods at the moment but today was a big step forward….

So many people comment about us being brave, we are not at all really …..we have no choice….we cannot cry 24 hours a day….or run away we have not choice but to deal with the situation and sitting sobbing at Leos bed is not going to do him any good or us, so we have no choice but to try and be strong and support each other through this tough time….I actually do not think I have any tears left now anymore….

I was watching videos of Leo today from a couple of months ago…it is incredible to think he was happy, smiling on some videos but he had this deadly tumour constantly growing in his head….thank god the doctor found it before it really was too late for him.

I want everyone reading this to think the next time you think you are having a bad day, your shoes do not match your dress, you cant get a taxi home, you missed the bus to work, your electricity bill was higher than you thought, your boss had a go at you…etc…. think of ´Leo the Lion´ please… this operation he had was one of the most serious operations anyone can have..more serious than a heart operation. Then to top it off he got a septicemia infection which some people die from alone never mind the brain operation on top of it. It attacked 2 of his vital organs, he had artificial breathing….yet he continued fighting…and he is only 2.5 years old.

He has shocked the doctors with his quick progress even though he is still in a critical condition….after all of this he can even try and crack a smile….if that isnt inspiration for you then I do not know what is. So next time you are having a bad day please remember this and you will think that your day is not so bad after all…

I want to take something positive from this experience….I really want Leo to be an inspiration to other kids in similar situations. I was thinking when he is recovered I would love to bring him back to the hospital (our second home now with so many good friends) and get Leo to meet kids that are in similar situations that he was in, we can reassure the mums and talk to them and comfort them, even if the doctor tells you that your child has hours to live and you have to wait by his bed until he dies….do not ever give up hope….anything is possible…kids can beat all odds and surprise doctors…

Thank you for all of the donations….Leo the Lion will be back in no time…with the funds that are being generated even if we need to travel to a different country to advance his recuperation progress it will be done…..anything to get our cheeky boy back asap…


One thought on “Friday 25th September 2015- A baby´s cry never sounded so good….

  1. For 3 weeks now I end my day with your udate, first Facebook, than your blog Karen, and I am always anxious to get to know how Leo is doing, but at the same time afraid for bad news. Shared many tears hearing your story, because it seems so close as your boy is almost the age of my boy.Today happy tears, I hope many of these tears in the coming days, big hug!!!


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