Saturday 25th September 2015- Nearly heard a real laugh….another step forward …

No words to describe that there are nearly 3,200 views of Leos video of him crying…..thank you. xx


A week ago today, last Saturday we were told Leo could have hours to live as the tumour had severely damaged his respiratory tube, we were sitting by his bedside in tears watching him struggle to take every breath with his diaphram constantly expanding minute by minute….my mum had arrived in the middle of the night, my brother and sister on skype all ready to say goodbye to him and none of us wanting to sleep by wasting a minute of seeing our beautiful baby boy alive…..

A week later….Leo the Lion is still fighting hard….I think he has actually left the doctors speechless as they are so impressed by his progress.

Today he did not have any fever, he was smiling and moving a lot. At one point we thought he was going to laugh at loud when we did the ´head,shoulders,knees and toes´ song with him.

We decided to spend time with our beautiful baby girl Sofia tonight as Leo was stable and we took her to the cinema….and got a pizza with her which made her very happy…. Although at the commercial centre seeing families with young 2 year old boys running around was like a knife being stuck in the wound…..but the most important thing was the Leo was still alive and still there and he still had the cheeky look in his eyes…

Part of us was still terrified as the doctors had warned us that things could go back the other way at any moment…..but we had to for Leo try to be positive…

Tomorrow my mission is to translate the ´just giving page´ into Spanish as there are a number of friends from doctors as well as doctors that would like to help Leo recover and provide financial support…and his story has gone around the whole hospital….google translator will be coming in handy tomorrow. lol

Thanks to Alize and family for visiting today and for the lovely drawings…..Mikeila I am still waiting for your photo tomorrow in your Sunday bests. Lol….


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