Sunday 27th September 2015- On the road to recovery and thinking about the future…

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More progress was made today by Leo the lion, his eyes seemed more focused and he was full of smiles. I think I am still getting closer and closer to getting a giggle out of him when I sing nursery rhymes to him. It’s an excellent sign that he can remember songs and that part of the brain is functioning…

My doctor friend Maria who has been an incredible support to us all said that she thinks that Leo is out of danger now as he has fought the hardest part of the infection. She is surprised and shocked herself as there was a 50/50 survival rate for the lung problems (ARS) and that is without having he brain surgery on top of that… is really incredible. Our little brown eyed boy really has proven than he is one in a million.

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Maria also told us that the Spanish government will only provide basic rehabilitation help for Leo so now we can start to investigate more into what type of help we can get for him, in order to get him running around riot as soon as possible. We can also begin looking at costs to see if it is more beneficial for him to go through rehabilitation in a different country… the back of my mind I am so scared that things could change again so fast as they did last week…but Leo needs everyone and everything around him to be positive…so I am putting 200% into remaining positive.


Sean and Roz went back to Manchester this evening. They came over thinking that they might be saying their goodbyes to Leo after what the doctor had said last week, but their support and strength must have given Leo that little bit of extra strength he needed for the will to live….. Tonight it wasn’t a goodbye it was a “see you soon Leo”.


One thought on “Sunday 27th September 2015- On the road to recovery and thinking about the future…

  1. i find myself checking for updates all day. I’m so happy he’s making such fantastic progress, he really is a fighter. As a mum I don’t know how you’ve coped, but keep being strong your positive nature is willing Leo on all the way. The cheeky twinkle is back in his eyes! Yay! Xx


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