Monday 28th September 2015 – Third time lucky


Today another good day..another step forward…my goal from now on is to try and  get a photo of Leo smiling everyday from now on as a daily rule.

This morning we had a shock when we were advised that Leo was moving out of intensive care back to the normal ward within the next 20 minutes… was a bit of a rush to get the room ready and stuff packed from the old room but we managed it.

This was the third time that Leo had come back to the normal ward after returning to Intensive care three times previously…..this was it….third time lucky…he was going to be as good as new this time. I was more positive than ever this time.

So Leo is back now on the Oncology ward, the doctors have said the infection has nearly gone and he just needs to finish the course of antibiotics. Now it really is all about rehabilitation… and getting him back to the normal cheeky little monkey he was in the shortest time possible.



Leo was full of smiles and again nearly did a little giggle again….it was a good sign that he remembered his sister Sofia when she sang to him and he burst into tears when my dad spoke to him on the loud speaker…..he was still in there somewhere for sure.

The nurses were all so happy to see Leo back and so shocked at the progress he has made in such a short time…he really is an inspiration to so many people.

There was a comment today about how we should have spent more time in the Intensive care with Leo when he was there, this did upset myself and Jorge a bit as we visited Leo everyday about 5 times minimum everyday, first thing in the morning, last thing at night and numerous times during the day, always making sure he was relaxed when we left him. As any parent can understand it is horrible to see your baby with so many tubes attached to them, especially an artificial breathing machine and when you feel that the child gets more stressed and frustrated sometimes when you are there….sometimes it is better to keep your distance a little bit more so the child stays relaxed even though you would love to be by their side 24 hours of the day…you have to do what you think as a parent is best for your child to get on the road to recovery.

Anyway Leo was back in the normal ward now and it was up to us to support him and get him back to normal in the shortest time!

Leo had no fever tonight and was getting jealous and upset when Sofia was getting attention so these were all positive signs for us all…. hoping tomorrow will also be full of smiles and possibly a giggle and a word..(my bets are on him saying ‘mama’ first)

Time out from the hospital tonight as Leo is more stable, and I met with a good friend 🙂 to disconnect and recharge the batteries ready for tomorrow…


One thought on “Monday 28th September 2015 – Third time lucky

  1. Hi karem, you don.t imagine so happy i.m i see at Baby leo so good so pretty with his big eyes and muy Baby boy juanfran also ser The photos and vídeos and he wants play with his friend leo.i sent you affection and kiss very stron to leo.see you soon


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