Tuesday 29th September 2015 – Another steady day in the right direction

Another positive day today… (Another smiling photo)


First for the Thank You’s (I apologize if I miss anyone out)

Mikeila and crew at Jets bar in Villaricos for raising such a substantial amount of money for Leo in such a short space of time….incredible…amazing….

Thank you Floor and family at La Cantina, Garrucha for the amazing food….. a million times better than hospital food or Mcdonalds.

‘Kikos’ mum for organizing collection pots around the area.


Some of the neighbours here at Cala Marques that have been so supportive with helping look after Sofia, supporting us and also more than generous donations for Leos recovery. We really appreciate everything. With everyone’s generosity the normal Leo will be back no time after all the rehab we can get him….:)

Thank you to other people that have donated money for Leo on the website, it is still so overwelming…every little bit counts.

Soon there will be a sponsored golf outing, a Zumba event, a sponsored walk from Villaricos to Carboneras, a raffle all in the aid of Leo the lion. Thank you everyone so much for all the support. We could not remain so strong through all of this without all of this support.

Another positive from this time of my life is that we have made new friends, and people who really will be friends for life no matter what through thick and thin. That is one big positive  I can take from all of this.

So today I spent time with Sofia as my car was being serviced. I went to collect Sofia at school at 2pm and the support from other mothers was overwelming…I was trying very hard to hold my tears inside…..but I managed to.

Jorge said Leo had a good day, someone from the association brought him some toys and he was getting frustrated that he could not hold them in his hand…but this will come with time.

Leo had no fever and was crying every time a nurse or doctor spoke to him,  I think now that he is fully aware  that he associates the nurses and doctors with pain. lol…the amount of times they have poked and prodded him he can remember which is a good thing…. normal I guess.

This week the doctors will do a hearing and sight test on him..so we will see what the results of that are..

Also tomorrow the physiotherapist will speak with us about how to do various exercises with Leo in order to rebuild his muscles…everyday counts now…

His legs have gone very very skinny on the calves which apparently is normal when you are not using those muscles.

All in all a good day…. I think we are on 4 or 5 good days in a row…..fingers crossed it continues in this manner….


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