Wednesday 30th September- I finally saw Leos head after operation…

All things still good today on the Leo front….the neurosurgeon was happy with Leos progress. Tomorrow is the last day of his antibiotics and then they will do a blood test to check that the septicaemia has all gone from his body. Fingers and toes crossed for that.

Tomorrow Leo will also have a hearing and sight test to see if those senses have been affected from the brain intervention. We know for sure that he can hear us, and his eyes are becoming more focused little by little but we are still not quite sure what he can actually see if it is just shapes, colours or everything!

The physiotherapist also visited Leo and has given us some exercises to do with him to strengthen his muscles. His legs and feet have gone very thin as he has been in bed for nearly a month now which is normal.

Someone from the association brought some toys for Leo which he loves but hes getting frustrated when he cannot grab them, this will be the big problem we think with his recovery. Leo is very head strong like his mama and he will get very frustrated when he cannot do something that he wants to do….but determination is always a good thing, I guess….´Keep trying until you succeed´.

Leos bandage came off by accident today so I finally got to see his head, I was very nervous what to expect but it looks really good considering. The surgeons did have to cut a huge opening to remove  the tumour but it all looks good and healing well, the staples have been removed and the stitches will come out on their own.



There will be a new ´Leo the Lion´ hairstyle in fashion soon that Leo will be sporting around with one half long and the other side short. lol.

We asked the doc  how long he would need to stay in hospital and they have said for at least another 2 weeks as he needs to be sitting up and eating etc…and its better to stay a bit longer to be safe than sorry.

Also for all of you Manxies over there some of my very good friends have organized a ´Love,Play and Have a Good Day for Leo´  on Saturday 7th November at St.Peters Church,Onchan.   (Details are on facebook) There will be afternoon tea, children´s activities, face painting, craft table, raffle and a table top sale for the grown ups. The proceeds will be going towards Leos rehab, so for all of the Isle of Man gang put this date in your diary.

I am cheating a little bit today and copying and pasting what I had put on  a facebook earlier as it is something for everyone to really think about if they think they have a bad day…

Who would still manage to pull off such a beautiful smile after going through all of this?

* Finding out you had a 8 X 9.5cm brain tumour that could be cancerous,when you expected to be given antibiotics by the doctor.
* Undergoing a 6 hour life or death brain operation to remove it after having severe convulsions.
* Developing septicemia which attacked your liver and lungs.
*Being told that you had hours to live and your family had to wait for you to die and there was nothing any of the doctors could do.
*Being told that you could be blind.
*Being told the inflammation on the other side of your brain could be more cancer.
*Being told that you had acute respiratory syndrome and you had to go onto an artificial breathing machine or your lungs would fail in hours and you would die.
*Being poked and prodded ALL over your body more times than you can remember.
*To not have strength in your right side and to find out you will need months or years of rehab to recuperate.
*To still have inflammation on your head 2.5 weeks after operation due to brain fluid still leaking out.
*Being told the survival rate is 50% only with the lung syndrome alone.

….Of course you guessed it.. ..
“Leo the Lion” is the only person that could still pull off a smile after all this pain and suffering. ..and still look good wearing a head bandage.



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