Thursday 1st October 2015-Short update about Leo today..and help and recommendations needed please :)


I failed my daily challenge today…couldn’t get my little lion to crack a smile today…only just got half of one as in the photo above.

Yes as you probably guessed Leo did not have the sight and hearing test today…as it is Spain everything is tomorrow. Manana, manana… We have been assured that he will have he test done tomorrow and we will also get his blood test results to see if the blood infection has finally gone.

Nothing much to report today just had a grumpy little lion today, I think he is getting more and more frustrated that he cannot do things. The physiotherapist visited us this morning and gave us some daily exercises to do with him. The neurosurgeon also visited and just walked in and squeezed Leos right nipple and said everything is ..I am sure he knew what he was doing.

The doctors told us that Leo might need a special bed and chair when he comes out so I have organised for a good friend to refurbish and paint Leo and Sofia’s room in case the doctors drop a bombshell on us and tell us Leo is coming home the next day, we will be prepared.

Tomorrow I hope I will have two loads of great news and smiles to make up for today!

I have copied and pasted the two posts I put on Facebook earlier today for those of you who are not on Facebook.

Facebook post 1

Now I think it is safe to start thinking a little bit about Leos rehabilitation and getting him back on his feet. If anyone knows any excellent rehabilitation centres or programs, therapies, anything about hot springs to accelerate the recuperation process or you could share this status with your friends can you please message me privately. We will even look at options in different countries if it means Leo can recover quicker.
Here are some more details:
– The tumour was removed from left side of brain.
-Leo has not spoken since the operation but cries and smiles.
-HIs left arm moves but is stiff and bent constantly.
-He seems like he has good movement in his left leg but it is very floppy,
-Right side arm and leg is not totally paralysed as he moves slightly when tickled and his right hand is tightly clenched in a fist most of the time.
-When Leo is sleeping his hands relax and sometimes moves his head.
-Leos head is mostly facing the right side due to the intervention on the left side of the head.
Thank you!
Any comments or recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Facebook post 2
So happy to raise awareness on Leos condition and how parents should ALWAYS go with their gut instincts when you think there is something wrong with your child.This is the MOST important point we want to get across after our personal experience. Costa Almeria paper want to write a story about Leos journey and The Lions Club an International Club might run a fundraising event for Leo. Incredible. ..Thank you..I wish there was a stronger word to say than Thank You to everyone that has supported us. A big Thank you to the Euroweekly for their published story today. Also another huge thank you to Millionaire Bar and Jets Bar,Villaricos for all the donations collected. Thank you to all the mums at the school for gifts and support especially to kikos mum for organizing collection boxes everywhere for Leo, mums for picking up sofia from school and looking after her, Strength &Performance for organizing the prowler event Funky Monkeys for organizing a Halloween Event and the Isle of Man girls for organizing a Play Day for Leo and I am sure there are many more I have forgotten to mention… sorry Xx Leo is sending a big kiss to you all xx


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