Friday 2nd October 2015- Exactly one month ago today is when everything in our lives changed forever….

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Over the moon that I got my little Lion to smile today loads of times after acting like a real twit in front of him but it was worth it to see that million dollar smile! and I am sure I heard a quiet giggle also. Had to take as many photos as possible of the smiles!

I think Leo was also just so happy to see his big sister Sofia today  and he got his personalized ´Leo the Lion´ sweatband.



I cannot believe that it was exactly one month ago that we were at Huercal Overa Hospital expecting to get antibiotics for him as normal. All I can remember hearing are the words ´mass tumour´, ´cancer´and ´operation´ coming out of the doctors mouth and walking out of the hospital in tears as if my whole world had just fallen apart in the space of a few minutes….(This photo was taken exactly a month ago today in the hospital waiting room minutes before the news, when he had the weakness in his right hand)


A month on …Leo especially and our family has been through more pain and suffering than anybody or any family should go through in their whole lives…nobody should ever have to experience,feel or see the things we have seen happen to their own child or children ever…and NOBODY should EVER have to sit next to the bed with your child waiting for him/her to die after being told by a doctor they had hours to live and there was nothing they could do to save him/her.!

Day by day we are getting more and more positive and stronger, this is mainly because of all of the support we have had had from our families, friends, people who we did not know before that we can now call good friends and organizations etc that have helped us along the way. Thank you again!

We also now think that if Leo can overcome all of this, still be smiling and prove to be a miracle case to the doctors then he is going to be one strong boy when he is older! Nothing will defeat him ever in his life.

I want to thank the people that have remained positive throughout the last month, even when the doctors gave up on Leo and we were beginning to lose hope there were certain people (you know who you are :)) that stayed positive and kept telling us, ´Leo will be ok´, ´he is a fighter´, ´he will survive´ ´he is Leo the Lion. Thank you again. xx

So Leo had his eye sight and hearing test today, we do not officially have the results but the doctors do think his eyesight is poor as his pupils were not responding to some lights. But I am sure he can see something, maybe it is just colours…..I was feeling a bit disheartened about this as sight is probably the worst sense a person could lose but a good friend of mine sent me a website which says that it can be fixed by certain therapies and  I also know Leo is a one in a million case and tests mean nothing. Leo is not the normal textbook case! He has proved that a few times to the doctors! 🙂

Good news the blood test results shows that the septicaemia has officially left Leos body!!! He beat that little bugger out of his little body!

Over the last 24 hours Leo has begun to have more control of his left hand, and started trying to pull the feeding tube from his nose and scratch his head! lol…..Its a great improvement but the nurses had to put a bandage on his hand to stop him pulling tubes out of himself and scratching his stitches!

I was looking at some old photos of Leo today after feeling a bit disheartened and this one made me laugh of my little pumpkin, so I wanted to share it…..hopefully it will make a few of you smile. I hope I can get a Halloween 2015 photo of Leo as a pumpkin to add to the collection.


Don´t forget one week tomorrow is the Prowler for Leo event in Manchester if you are around that area then pop into the Strength and Performance Gym!


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