Sunday 4th October 2015 – Four Weeks exactly after operation.

A great Sunday today, lots more smiles and giggles which I was too slow to catch on a video!


Four weeks ago exactly Leo was being operated on, we did not even know if he would survive the operation or not as he deteriorated so quickly. We were unable to even give him a kiss or say goodbye to him before his operation…it was the longest 6 hours of our lives waiting…

In the last 4 weeks there have been a whirlwind of different emotions, from being excited that your child could be home in 4 weeks, to feelings that he could be dead in a few hours. It is safe to say the 3 weeks after the operation were the worse 3 weeks of our families lives. Leo has suffered a lot of complications which many of you already know from all of the blog and facebook posts. But he has come out the other end with a huge smile.


A pediatrician told Jorge today that when they had looked at Leos last TAC scan over a week ago that all of the doctors were so surprised at how quickly Leos brain was recovering and going back into place. (They never told us this at the time). He also told Jorge that he thinks the way Leo is recovering and how strong he is that he could recuperate totally on his own without a lot of additional therapy but obviously we want to get him back on his feet as soon as possible so with that strength that he has within together with additional rehab and therapy he will be running around riot in no time. Tomorrow we should have results of hearing and sight test finally.

I have also had a lot of time to reflect on my life and think in the last month. I have come to realize something very important in my life now and it is very sad that it has taken a situation like this for me to realize how much I really value my family and the good real friends that I have in my life and they are by far the most important things , and should be in anybodys life. Over the last year especially even at the beginning of Leo´s diagnosis when I needed support, I can now safely say that I  wasted a lot of time on people who betrayed me, I was always trying to please people, issues about petty things, people who lied to me, caused me unnecessary stress which I did take out on the kids which makes me feel guilty about, now thinking that it could have been the last year of Leos life which does generate a bit of anger  but now all my energy has to be on Leo and it has to be positive because I wont lose him. he needs us now more than ever before. I need to move forward  and wish the last year of my life did not exist. It is the future now that matters and you learn from your mistakes.

Another positive I can take from the very few there are is that I have met some amazing inspirational people who are facing battles all of their lives, (kids having chemotheraphy and still smiling and laughing), doctors who have become more like friends, and other people who I have got to know better or met who I know will be friends for life through thick and thin who share the same family values.


I am scared inside as now that it feels Leos has been in hospital for months, I feel like the memories of Leo smiling, having tantrums and laughing like a normal 2 year old should are getting further and further back in my mind. All of the hospital images and experiences are taking up a lot of my mind at the moment. We need to make sure that we both keep watching videos of Leo before all of this happened and make sure we never ever forget what the real Leo was like and use that as our ultimate goal to get the old Leo back.

Don´t forget the website guys for the donations to help Leo every penny counts. Soon Sean my brother will be releasing details about the auction for the Manchester City shirt which the players signed for Leo and there will also be a signed pair of Ricky Hatton gloves to auction as well as other things to aid Leos recovery.


Leo following in his grandads footsteps! 🙂


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