Monday 5th October 2015 – The priest also thinks Leos recovery really is a miracle!

Another happy boy this morning, I was dying to cuddle Leo so much as I was having withdrawal symptoms from Leos lovely snuggles. So I secretly picked him up and cuddled him this morning when the nurses were no where to be seen, not sure if I was allowed to or not but I was very careful. (He felt huge, guess I am not used to lifting him anymore, it’s a shame he smells like a hospital …there is no smell that beats the natural smell of your babies). The moment I picked him up, his eyes were fixated on my face and he looked like he felt so safe,happy and relaxed, he would have fallen asleep in minutes in my arms. Tomorrow I will ask the nurses if I am actually allowed to do that and I can make it a daily event!


Sometimes Leo looks so scared, he doesn´t know what is happening or understand which is normal I guess in this situation. The moment he feels mine or Jorges hand on his body he relaxes I guess he feels a sense of security by just feeling our skin touching his.

The nurse tried to get him to drink some drops of water from a bottle today and she said he was not swallowing and this is the third day they have tried and he hasn´t really taken to it. Tomorrow I will ask the doctor about this. I also need to investigate if the part of his brain which was removed was the area which controlled this function to be able to swallow. I am praying that he can learn to swallow again soon. As Sean my brother said yesterday ´knowing Leo he will miss a few steps and just go straight to gulping down a bottle of milk in a couple of days´ which is probably true actually.

I played a bit of peek a boo with Leo and he remembered the game and had a few giggles…then we sang some songs which he still remembered so it was a nice afternoon.

12071504_10153650139296585_1188377231_n 12086804_10153649775446585_177266905_n


Leo also had another visitor today that he was very happy to see! 🙂 Aunty Loli.

In the evening Juan the priest came. The last time I saw him was the day of Leos operation when we all went to mass in the church, balling our eyes out. He has been in a few times to see Leo but I kept missing him, he had even come in and prayed next to Leo while we were not there as he was so concerned about him. He was so surprised at the progress Leo had made, he told me that loads of doctors and nurses had told him that there was no hope for Leo and he said it really was a miracle. Nobody thought he would pull through out of the medical staff. He told me that he is from El Alquian and he had everyone at the church masses everyday praying for Leo and he talked about Leo during the mass which was really lovely to hear. Yet again loads more support for Leo from strangers,  there really isn´t a word to describe the amazing kindness of some people.

The amount of people Leos story has attracted is incredible, everyday it really does amaze me. I guess for my friends with kids it really makes people think that this could really happen to anyone with kids although it is not common, its not necessarily always something that happens to other people like I had always thought. A journalist I spoke to this week that is writing a story about Leo told me that she had done a lot of research on brain tumours, and on average a pediatrician would only come across a brain tumour in a 2 year old like in Leos case once in 20 years of working. This is maybe the reason it was not spotted earlier….better late than never though.


I hope Leos story does make mothers and fathers more aware of tumour symptoms and to push the doctors and pediatricians more if you know there is something wrong with your child. If you do not feel something is right then ALWAYS go with your gut instinct. I think it is an instinct that forms when you become a mother or father, and nobody else can feel that except you.

I had some bad news today from a really good friend (you know who you are), if Leo can defeat what he had then I am positive that you can. This confirms my realization from yesterdays blog that life really is too short, live each day as if it were your last and treasure the people that matter in your life.

Leo fast asleep now so time for a chill out movie! X

Had to put this photos on here to make people smile. Leo loves Frozen so myself and Sofia decided to put Elsa´s dress on him on day. This photo was taken about 2 weeks before tumour was found.



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