Wednesday 7th October 2015- Life is strange sometimes when you really think about it.

Another reflection on life first….feeling all sentimental..which I tend to do quite often recently.

I was thinking today about the bad news I had from my friend a couple of days ago.  My friend came to Spain to visit the first week of August. We went to a hotel for the day with Sofia and Leo and used the pool and slides and had loads of fun and lots of laughs. A few weeks after she returned home she found out she had a tumour in her ovaries which had to be removed urgently. Unfortunately her tumour turned out to be cancerous to cut a long story short and she will undergo intensive chemotheraphy very soon. So, I would love for everyone to also pray for my friend as well as Leo. She is a fighter and I told her if Leo can get through all this then it should be a breeze for her and then we agreed we will have a celebration holiday when both are totally recovered!

I was thinking how strange it was though that we were at the hotel here in Spain less than 2 months ago enjoying the activities, swimming, laughing etc and my friend and Leo both had huge tumours in their body and neither of them knew about it. She had no indication whatsoever. Life really is very very cruel sometimes to the wrong people. The other day I heard about someone who leaves their 7 year old alone at home everynight while they are working in a bar, the mother was out drunk the other night and her poor child was waiting for her and she did not turn up to get him. I also have numerous students who are so desperate to have children and it makes me angry when some people do not appreciate that their kids really are one of the most valuable gifts in life that anyone could ever have, maybe it is only when you realize how close you are to having them taken away from you forever that you really actually realize how precious they are. Sometimes it does feel like the people who are good parents, work hard, are honest, always put their kids first and would do absolutely anything for their kids sometimes are the ones with the bad luck. Guess its just the luck of the drawer. But one think is for sure that I know this minor setback will make Leo and my friend stronger people inside and out when they overcome this challenge in their lives. They are survivors, I am 200% sure about that. Xxx


Got my daily smiling photos today!

And daddy also got cuddles and a smile from Leo the Lion.

12081534_10153652923491585_375347552_n 12077301_10153652926951585_826839827_n

Not a lot of news today, nothing new from the doctors other than another person from the association could not believe that Leos eye test results concluded he was blind. She saw him grab his dummy from my hand directly first time. So another confirmation that my baby boy can see something.

Someone from the government visited today and told us that we will need a hospital bed for Leo. (luckily smaller than the one he has at the moment here). They said we may also need to take the feeding equipment with us if he is still being fed by a tube through his nose. I am not panicking about this second part as the way Leo is progressing he might be eating a roast dinner in a couple of weeks.

I am a bit worried as my apartment is tiny, I might have to convert the living room into like a hospital room! 😦  I do not really want to move to a bigger place as I think it would be too confusing for Leo, he needs to go back to the place he knows as ´home´. So it will be nice and cosy anyway!

We will have to buy a really good pram for him that supports his head well as he cannot hold his neck up and we are not sure about car seats yet, he might just be bed ridden for a while first.

12071668_10153653460536585_1627828678_n (1)

Leo has been happy today and I actually got it on video when he grabbed his dummy to show to the doctor! I have evidence now that my baby can see something, forget his tests!. Leo has really good coordination in his left arm now and is constantly trying to grab the tube out of his nose so the nurse tied his left arm to the bed which was a bit cruel….

I had an interview with the Manx Radio station today and was bricking it to say the least. But I kept thinking it is all for Leo and to gain more support and awareness to enable him to have the best care possible. It will be broadcast tomorrow! I won´t be listening. lol.

Oh I nearly forgot I was so happy to read the excellent article in the Costa Almeria News about Leo.

Lets see what surprises the doctors or news they have for us tomorrow! It´s like a lucky dip…we never know what to expect anymore.



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