Thursday 8th October 2015 – Still rather embarrassed after listening to the interview on Manx Radio.

The redness in the cheeks is starting to go down a bit now a few hours later…lol..I did not realize that Manx Radio were going to put the interview with me on the current affairs slots, 2 news slots and the women today programme! It is good publicity for Leo though and will hopefully make parents push doctors when they know something is not right with their child and more parents will be aware of the symptoms of brain tumours. Even if the advice or story helps one person to identify a tumour earlier then everything has been worth it.


Leo the lion had some more visitors today Angela and Mickeila who he was very happy to see and I was so so happy that they got Leo to sleep…especially as I only got about 3 hours sleep last night as Leo was constantly trying to grab the feeding tube from his nose again and we eventually had to tie him to the bed to stop him unfortunately.


A quiet day all in all on the Leo front today. He was very happy and content,gradually moving his head a bit more to the other side. ..and showing more signs for us to justify that he can see something.

The neurosurgeon visited today and said that it has been confirmed that Leo will have radiotherapy, so they really need to decide soon as the other doctor told us that Leo could be out in a couple of weeks. I am sure they will tell us at the last moment as they normally seem to do here in Spain.


Leo enjoying his new pepper pig and George teddies!

Thank you everyone for supporting the fundraising page, it is amazing how many people are supporting that.

image image


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