Saturday 10th October 2015- Prowler for Leos Day is finally here!

This day has finally arrived for the “Prowler for Leo event” .


I don’t know who was more nervous today the people participating for the prowlers event or us waiting for them to begin and thinking 24 hours is a hell of a long time.

I so wish Leo could have been there to see the event and spur everyone on but he made his skype appearance to say hello to everyone. He looked a bit confused with all these people he has never met saying hello to him on skype.


Leo has had a good day today more or less with Nana and Grandad visiting. He looked very tired today for some reason and I was getting a bit worried that his eyes more staying in the right corner today but I think it it more when he is tired.

The doctor came for a quick visit today which was strange for a Saturday. I was asking him is it not better to try to get Leo to swallow a few drops of liquid more often than once a day. He said that if they give him too much then the liquid could go into his lungs so they cannot. He just said it is a slow slow process.

He also said that that the pressure of the tumour could have damaged the esophagus which could be the reason that he is not able to swallow. We are praying that this is not the case as then it could be long term, I am sure that it will just take a little bit more time for him to learn to swallow again.

Leo was making a few strange noises today almost like he lost his breath for a moment or swallowed a large amount of saliva. We will keep an eye on it anyway and hopefully it’s nothing to worry about but I really do not feel comfortable bringing him home if he still has any worries like this…..until I am totally comfortable with how Leo is I will not agree to bring him home.


I apologize if people are getting sick of us saying thank you but everything really means so much, it really tore at my heart strings today watching some of the Prowler Event and thinking that people are going through this and doing this all for my baby boy. It means the world to us…the amount of effort everyone has put in is indescribable…..and the amount of money raised topping more than 10k before the prowler event began we never imagined was even possible. So I will say it again…thank you to each and every one of you that has supported us in some way during this difficult time…Leo is sending everyone lots of love and kisses. Xxxx

image image


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