Sunday 11th October 2015- Laughs, Smiles, Celebrations and Fun



They did it and succeeded as most of you would have already seen on facebook The amazing Strength and Performance Team were not defeated!

They did 24 hours of pushing the prowler! Absolutely incredible. I heard there were a lot of painful legs at the end and a lot of emotion all around when the 24 hours was hit! It really is unbelievable! Another 696 gbp was raised for Leo from the actual event. A huge thank you to everyone that went to the event and to the participants. I could never ever have imagined that if something like this happened to one of our children that we would receive even half this amount of support or a quarter, words cannot describe the appreciation we have for you all. This story really is something that Leo can learn about when he old enough to understand and he can see all the sacrifices people have made for him and the pain people have gone through to help him! I will be able to show him that huge ass beautiful banner which he can then show his kids! It will be passed down for generations!.lol.  J I know for sure that the moment Leo is old enough and strong enough he will be learning how to push the prowler around! And hopefully he can do it to help someone else….its all about paying it forward now.


leo1 12105837_10153658496841585_2462398350660710928_n cakes

I can promise that when Leo is running around and back to normal we will travel to the UK and thank everyone for doing all of this for him!

Last night I had a very emotional Sofia. She keeps having emotional episodes which is normal in this situation, she just keeps saying that she wants Leo to talk and for him to jump on the trampoline with her. She was really struggling to understand everything. In the end I decided to be a bit more honest with her and I told her that Leo had a problem in his brain and how the brain controls everything in the body. So now the brain is recovering like an injury and slowly when it gets better then Leo will know how to do more things! I warned her that once Leo starts talking again that we will not be able to keep him quiet!lol. I had to tell her that the doctors thought Leo was going to die and for Leo to be how he is now learning again is better than not having him in our lives at all, I think now she does understand a bit more. I told her that the 3 of us have a really big job now to get Leo back to normal and it is the biggest most important job than anyone could ever have, so she feels like she has a responsibility which she likes to help Leo. I guess there is no right or wrong way how to deal with situations like this or what is the correct thing to say or do when siblings are involved. You just have to do and say what you think is for the best.


Sofia was very happy with Leo today anyway and read him a nice story and was lying with him on the bed. There were a lot of brotherly and sisterly hugging going on today!


Leo also had more pressies and visitors today! Thank you Annie and family!


Today Leo was firing on all fours. The nurse did something to blow out his feeding tube and there was some mucus and air inside so this was probably the reason he was making the strange breathing actions last night and he has not done them since which is excellent!

I had a lightbulb moment and thought about how much Leo loves ice cream so I asked the nurse could I buy an ice lolly and try to get Leo to lick it and learn to swallow, she agreed. I knew that if Leo didn’t remember how to swallow ice cream that maybe it could be something more serious! So off I went to buy a calypo ice lolly for him! The nurse put it in his mouth and pushed his teeth into it to get some in his mouth and he was tasting it and …….he swallowed a little bit!! It was just a small bit but he did it!! The nurse said it was an excellent idea!! When she left he put his hand out for more and he had a bit more…. So looks like it will be an ice cream a day for him hopefully…..he can have as many as he wants if it means he can learn how to swallow again.  We will try again tomorrow maybe a little bit more!


Leo also tried to lift his head up and moved his right hand half way again when I said for him ´lets go´. He really has a lot of strength! And everyday is improving….I sort of feel excited now…it is like ´what will he do tomorrow?´, will he finally say mama? Will he move his right leg more?…who knows!

When the nurses or doctors talk to Leo I guess he associates them to pain….this is the face he makes…..we have to tell him that its ok and they are going….


Right now we are both chilling in the hospital bed watching ´Bee Movie´ Leo is watching it and smiling on the funny parts……hmmmmm….of course he is blind….not!

Leo is sending everyone on the S & P team a big sloppy lion kiss! xxxx



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