Monday 12th October 2015- Leo finally got to see his best mate today!


Unfortunately I got woken up this morning at 3am by a noise sounding like a little kitten…..took a few moments for me realize it was my baby Leo making strange noise! I went to check on him and he was absolutely soaked, the pillow was more or less dripping wet and all his sheets….I thought he was sweating but then I could smell thia gross odour! It was the food they are feeding him through his nose. There was a new nurse on last night who didn´t put the cap on the feeding tube so poor Leo had been sleeping in this stinky wet food for most of the night!! Still can´t get rid of the odour on my hands, feel like I constantly smell like a hospital and medication at the moment, no matter how many times I shower! lol

Another day full of visitors!

I was a bit bored in the morning so I started taking random photos of Leo and all his new teddies! lol


First my favourite doctor Maria arranged for a paediatrician to come and see Leo off the books. He said for sure he can see and his right arm and leg are gradually getting more flexible!  I told him how Leo wants to sit up and is it possible he could have a special chair or something to get him out of the bed and he said that he can sit in a pram with a neck cushion!! So tomorrow I can bring Leos pram here and we can have the drip attached to him on a stand with wheels and push him around the floor!!! Feel really excited about it….Leo will see what exists outside his hospital room finally!! And it will strengthen his back and neck a bit more. Hes been in bed for nearly 1.5 months now already!


Nana and Aunty Vicky visited today which was lovely! Then Leos best mate Kiko came with his  beautiful and generous family to visit and bought Leo a beautiful Leo the Lion musical teddy!! (another one to the collection). Leo was very happy to see his best mate, although Kiko was a little bit overwelmed by all the hospital equipment.It was very very difficult to get a good photo of them both.  Kikos mum who has distributed 45 collection tins for Leo around Vera and Cuevas, and also in the hospital in Huercal Overa was telling us that all the nurses and doctors in Huercal Overa are asking about Leo and talking about his story. I guess it makes me realize even more how much of a rare case Leo´s is and I think when something like this happens to a young child it really gets to people and affects them. I cannot believe how big this story has become. The nurses here were even taking photos of the story in the Costa Almeria Paper to show their families that this baby is in their ward!. The community and people have really come together because of Leo which is incredible.


At the end of the day Ana visited from the nursery, Leo’s favourite teacher. He played shy for a while shut eventually started smiling to her….

I still have on my to do list to find the name of the paediatrician that asked for the CT scan for Leo in Huercal Overa cos I think it is safe to say now that he really did save Leos life!!

Jorge had a dream last night that Leo spoke a word quietly…so lets hope that dream comes true. It is now about 5 weeks we have not heard Leo speak.

It is a national holiday today here in Spain…so not a lot happens on a bank holiday! Lets see what the doctors say tomorrow!

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