Tuesday 13th October 2015- And he is finally on the move…..

Leos on the move finally….


After a 3 day long weekend the doctors still did not come and see Leo today! It´s not a problem, I think Leo seems to be progressing very well with all the stimulation that we are giving him on our own.

I came back with my batteries fully charged today, after a nice night last night seeing a good friend for her birthday, and meeting another good friend who is over on holiday and making new friends. xxx

The physiotherapist was really impressed with Leo´s progress and the fact that he is trying to hold his head up now! A nurse who had not worked since Friday said the progress in the 3 days was incredible…who needs doctors hey to tell us anything! Lol

The woman who organizes all of the hospital equipment that Leo will need came to see us again today. She said it is optional for us to have a hospital bed. The whole point of it is so he is in an elevated position while he is eating, she told us we can do the same thing with pillows or a bean bag behind him in a normal bed. So I think we have decided we will stick to the normal bed. We are just going to get him a good quality mattress and some good pillows with the help of the money from the donations. We personally do not think he will be bed ridden for long, the way he is we said he could even be running out of the hospital when he leaves! We asked the woman if the doctors had given any indication of when he can leave, she said they were thinking about the end of the month but it is not confirmed yet. So about another 2 weeks…I better start packing now we have made Leos room as if we live here, although it does actually feel like we have been here for years!

Leo swallowed some syrup medication today and a tiny bit of apple juice! Tomorrow they will try him on more liquids as he seems to be swallowing. He had a bit of a fever but the nurses think it was from the drip in his arm as it had been there so long so they disconnected it and he seems ok now.

If he is still being fed through the nose the woman was telling us that maybe we could get a syringe thing to put the food into the tube that goes into his nose, so if we are out and about with him we do not have to rush home to get the material to feed him. We will be able to do it while we are out. But I honestly think we will be in hibernation in the house for a few weeks anyway when he gets home! Visitors will be more than welcome!!

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He was a very happy chappy today! I brought Leos pram into the hospital and he remembered it! I couldn´t want to take him out of the hospital room, his face was a picture. It was like he had never seen anything before apart from the 4 walls of his hospital room.  We strolled around the floor, and popped into the cancer school outside the oncology ward which is run by an association and they said Leo can go anytime there, so tomorrow I think I will take him there for a place and to see other kids. He couldn´t stop smiling!! I had to get him some sexy hospital clothes for him for his little ride, didn’t think it was a good image to be pushing around a naked baby. Lol.


We have a new addition in our ward now a little girl who is about 9 years old, she has to have an operation to remove a tumour in her kidneys on Thursday. It is so sad. The mother was telling me that the paediatrician did not pick up on it even though the signs were there…..it is scary how we as parents put all our trust in doctors…I think we all do too much for adults and kids…

Later on I took Leo for another walk, I wanted to take him to the church in the hospital and to show the priest his progress. We took the elevator to the next floor first for another walk, then we waited for about 20 minutes for the lift as 3 out of the 4 were broken!!! These lifts here have to be the worst ones I have ever been in….if you need to be somewhere at a certain time to take the lift you have to allocate 10 minutes at least waiting time for the bloody lift to come! And the lifts are if they were from 50 years ago!!  I had no choice but to take the lift as I had the pram. I gave up on the idea of visiting the church as it could have taken hours to get to the top floor!

Everyone was just staring at Leo, I could tell they really wanted to ask me what happened to him as I didn’t put a hat on him and you could see his huge scar on his head, but they can wonder. Tomorrow I will put something on his head to cover the scar as its not nice for people to see that or for him.

While we were on our stroll we saw 2 of the doctors who attended him in intensive care, they didn’t even look twice at him and only said ´hola´ to me….. I am wondering if some of them have been reading the blog..thats why they were a bit off… but I very much doubt it. I just find it so hard to understand when you have a young child that nearly dies and you were there with him, then a couple of weeks later you see him being pushed around in a pram. Wouldn´t you be curious at his progress? Or want to say hello to him? I thought it was a human thing to do……maybe when you are a doctor you have to distance yourself emotionally from things and someone did tell me that for some of the doctors, Leo could be just like a ´product´ and they don´t see him as a real person. I could never be a doctor….I would be an emotional mess! I give credit to them though for their difficult job. Although there is one doctors feet I would love to run over……

I have a very sleepy Lion here right now, all the excitement really tired him out, he had like 3 siestas today and hes ready for bed now!


Can´t wait until Leo is chomping down a baguette like this again! He can have as many baguettes as he wants! 🙂

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