Thursday 15th October 2015 – There is no stopping him now….and there is always a bad egg in the bag!

I had the day spending time with my baby girl again today because Jorge starts work this weekend and I will be at the hospital with my baby boy all weekend!


It is so hard…when I am at the hospital I feel bad for Sofia and feel like I should be with her. When I am with Sofia I feel like I should be with Leo….it’s a lose lose situation.  Anyway soon we will all be back together again in the same house and back to some sort of normality.

In yesterday’s blog I wrote about how determined Leo is…well he proved it yet again last night. Jorge had put the bandage on his hand, then the glove and tied his hand to the bed to stop him removing to feeding tube from his nose…..that still didn’t stop him…he managed to do it..he managed to free his hand and pull the whole tube all the way out of  his nose and out of his stomach!!. The only option now is to get him eating real food in the mouth…or to put handcuffs on him…lol.

Jorge took Leo for a roam around the hospital today, they went wandering around reception and to the church. Jorge said he was very happy!


The doctor visited today. She said that he might be able to go home next week, they will give us a few days notice…thank god.  They have send the details of Leo’s Teratoma tumour to a specialist in another city and they think the Leo will not need the radiotherapy until he is older. They will need to do another MRI scan to confirm at the end of the month or beginning of next month as the last scan was not totally clear due to inflammation and blood.



Leo ate a few spoonfuls of yoghurt today which was excellent! So tomorrow I’m off to the supermarket to stack up on yoghurt. And Jorge said he said A,E,I and O sounds.

Today a good day all in all and Becky who has set up the crowd funding webpage received the following email from crowd funding which is excellent news!!

Hi Rebecca, I hope you don’t mind me emailing you. My name’s XXXX and I look after Crowdfunding at JustGiving. I recently read about your incredible fundraising for Leo. What you’re doing is incredibly inspiring and I’d really love to share your story with our community on social media, encouraging them to donate to your page. Is this something you’d be happy for us to do? All we’d need is a photo of Leo that you wouldn’t mind us sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Many thanks,

This is really excellent news and the crowdfunding page has been extended for an additional week until 23rd October 2015.

As the saying goes ‘there is always one bad egg in the bag’. I received a comment on my blog for yesterday in Spanish. For the English people ‘google translator’ will help you understand what it says. Needless to say the comment was not nice and could be construed as ‘almost a bit prejudice’ .I have also posted my response to the comment on the blog for yesterday. We have hundreds of people following the blog on a daily basis, thousands of people have viewed the blog. Everyday  I receive emails to say how much people enjoy reading it and they look forward to reading it every night. But of course there is always one or a minority of people who are entitled to have negative opinions. What I have written in my blog is totally honest, and our personal experiences and my personal opinions. It is ones choice whether to read it or not. My son very nearly died and we are entitled to express our concerns to ensure other parents do not go down the same route, maybe it could save another childs life. People can make up their own minds about things, but this blog could also help other parents in similar situations to be more cautious with certain things. I also want to make to clear that we did not ask for the crowdfunding website to be set up, we are just very very fortunate to have such amazing friends and family who want to support us if this comment was caused by a ‘green eyed monster”. We understand that other kids are in worse situations and are not as fortunate as us to have the help and support that we have and that is why in the future we will do everything in our power to help these less fortunate families.

I do not understand why someone would want to write something like this after everything we have been through, but you certainly cannot please everyone anyway!  End of!

Anyway thank to the help of great friends, my place is nearly ready for my baby boy to come home! Thank you to everyone again for the support!

Night Night. x



2 thoughts on “Thursday 15th October 2015 – There is no stopping him now….and there is always a bad egg in the bag!

  1. Glad to know that Leo is doing well and will soon be home. You all are in my prayers every day especially Leo, take care love reading your blog I look forward to it. Gob Bless Estella.


  2. Me da muchisimo gusto ver q tu bebe ya esta muuuy bien. Cada dia son pasos gigantes hacia su recuperacion.
    Aca en Mexico todos los familiares, amigos y en especial yo, oramos por ustedes y en especial por Leo.
    Tengo una fe inmensa de q Leo pronto sera el mismo q solia ser, pues es muuy pequeño y tiene toda una vida para conseguirlo ademas de toda la fuerza y ganas q tiene de vivir. Lo que falta ya no es nada, lo mas dificil gracias a Dios ya a pasado y eso me daucho gusto.
    Todos los dias, aunque estamos muy lejos estoy al pendiente de sus progresos y tambien de sus oraciones.
    Hasta pronto y mucho animo!!!!! 😉 ***


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