Friday 16th October 2015- Leo is definitely coming back…he was trying to steal my twirl bar! lol


A fabulous day today! Firstly I just wanted to reinforce what I have said before about this blog. It is to tell people about our personal experience with Leo, about his brain tumour, and let people know about his progress. You don´t like it, you don´t read it, simple as.  I do find it actually like a sort of therapy to write down my feelings and thoughts. Leos well being and health is the MOST important thing to us right now. Sofia and Leo are the two most important little people in the world to us. I really really hope that the blog will help someone in the future.

I almost feel a sense of excitement now as everyday we see progress and hopefully we will get the old Leo back very very soon.!  I can´t wait for him to be able to play with his big sister who is also his best friend again.


Secondly, this is the last thing I will say about the negativity and almost ´racism´ from a certain person who wrote the comment on my blog. It has come to light who the disgraceful comment was from. Unfortunately it is connected to one of my biggest regrets in my life which happened over the last year which numerous people did warn me about and I did not listen. You learn from your mistakes, hey! We do not have time of energy to deal with ´people like this´.This had nothing to do with Leo in any shape or form,and it was not fair for the comment to be written. Many of you do know what/who I am referring to. Thank you to all of my friends and family for support, many of who have said  it was ´sick´ and ´very low´ especially seeing as the person is also a mother.  Anyhow that’s enough about that now! Over and out on that topic!

Thank you to everyone who messaged us to send love and express their positive opinions, I will get round to replying soon.

This is who the blog is all about and the one that matters!! ´Leo the Lion´ !!


Now to focus on ´Leo the Lion´……what a change day by day!! We are feeling very very happy!

Leo loved his ´Leo the Lion´ book from Aunty Mickeila and Aunty Keezi! (I know you will hate me calling you that lol) but he was so frustrated with his hand tied up that he couldn´t press the squeeky Lion!! Soon he will be able to though.

Jorge called me this morning to tell me that the neurosurgeons had been and they were so amazed again at the progress in the last few days, they talked to him and could see his interaction and how he is trying to make sounds. They were very impressed. Again the phrase ´looks like he has a new brain´ was used! 🙂


Leo cruising in the elevator! One of the highlights of his day!

The physiotherapy woman had the little Lion lying on his stomach and he managed to lift his head up. The strength he has gained in his head in such a short space of time is also incredible.

The doctor came and said everything is good with Leo and when we take him home we should be able to use a syringe to feed him directly into the feeding tube for when we are out and about. Today we managed to do ´The airplane is coming´ trick with the spoon and he managed to eat some yoghurt! Its strange he seems to push liquids away but when he saw me eating a sandwich, and a twirl bar of chocolate and he tried to grab them off me as if he wanted to scoff them down! Lol. 🙂

The old Leo is coming back, even his face is looking more and more like himself and the ´cheeky´ little monkey side of him is certainly still there! He has grown so much recently!

The nurses had a new idea about tying his hand up, I think this is foolproof now. He certainly wont be removing that bloody tube from his nose again for sure! Needless to say he is not impressed!

20151016_143546[1] 20151016_150415[1]

Jorge took Leo outside for a minute, it was the first time he has been outside for about 6 weeks….some fresh air will do him good and might make him fight even harder as he wants to be back out there!

I went for a wander with him, back up to the church. We lit a couple of candles for a couple of our friends who are also suffering! Hopefully it will bring them some very good luck in what they are going through at the moment. Our thought and love are with you. Xxxx You know who you are. Xxx


Going to chill now and watch the Lion King. Haven´t seen that disney classic for years!!

Have an excellent Friday night everyone!



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