Saturday 17th October 2015- Waking up to your baby smiling at you is one of the best things in life!

A nice start to the weekend this morning waking up to my baby boy smiling and staring at me, I slept with him in his bed last night so I could snuggle him all night. It is one of the nicest feelings ever to wake up to that especially considering that we were so so close to losing him, every moment now I treasure and appreciate so much more than before. I am so happy that he can still make his gorgeous smile with his big brown eyes wide open! That just makes all the pain and upset go away for a bit.


Today nana, Sofia and a couple of very good friends visited us. Definitely thinking we will need a removal van now to leave this place or I better start packing now after Leo and Sofia have been spoilt even more with gifts.

I was feeding Leo through the feeding tube with a syringe today so I could practice for when we go home! It was pretty easy, although Leo was giving me some strange looks like he was a bit nervous if I knew what I was doing or not. I think I got the hang of it! I am determined to get him on real food earlier than later….I gave him some more yoghurt today and he even had a bit of a mcdonalds strawberry sundae!  It´s Saturday so why not! We all actually pigged out on a Mcdonalds so I will need a gym membership somewhere when I eventually leave this place.

20151017_175702  20151017_142328

I got a bit panicky today after seeing some blood on Leos pillow but then realised that had managed to scrape a scab on his head….so another plaster on the head again 😦

Leo couldn´t stop giving his big sister Sofia cuddles…..they must miss each other so much. It almost brings tears to my eyes when I see their first facial expressions when they see each other for the first time after a week.


After the hugs, Leo got Sofia in a headlock (he really has some strength in his left arm) when she said she was going, he didn´t want her to leave. After they left he sobbed for a long long time….. I didn´t realise until I saw this photo of Leo getting Sofia in a headlock how much Leo has lost his tan, hes turned like super English white compared to Sofia now! At least people might actually think he is my son now.


The boredom set in this afternoon after siesta and I decided to play with the electric bed with Leo. I decided to see how high it went! It goes super high, Leo looks so funny lying on it. So I managed to have a little giggle on my own. The photo doesn´t do the height justice. Lol


We had a few wanders around the hospital today, we went back to the church and it was good for Leo as when he was making sounds he could hear the echo so he wanted to try and talk more! I am sure he said ´ma´ and ´hey´´ today but I couldn´t get him to say them again.

Some woman who saw me on my own yesterday and today with Leo, gave me her room number and said to me if I needed anything or just wanted to talk then I could go and see her whenever I wanted. There are some really really nice generous people in the world with such kind big hearts…..if only everyone in the world could be like that..everyones life would be so much easier…but where there is good always bad exists as has been proven recently.

We went to the school with some volunteers from the university which Leo enjoyed. There was another boy there about 11 years old who also had a brain tumour and he is paralysed from the neck down and having rehabilitation. Maybe when I look at situations like that I really realize that Leo has been very lucky and fortunate that he is not worse off. While we were at the school the security guy came to visit Leo, it was so funny Leo put his head right to the side and closed his eyes. I remember being a kid and when you close your eyes you think that nobody can see you, like you are invisible or something! Being a child is really so magical you just do not realise it at the time or appreciate it until you realize you have all of a sudden grown up and santa you find out that Santa is not really real!

Sofia was excited as another tooth came out and she will put it under her pillow and wait for ´Raton Perez´ to collect it and bring her a gift. Another example of the magical things of childhood.

All in all a relaxing Saturday the way it should be! Made some new friends in my ward. Made a few selfies with my baby boy when the boredom was setting in again! And tried to get him to pull funny faces!




Tomorrow hopefully my favourite doctor will pop in to say hello to us, who I can also call a friend which I am looking forward to 🙂

No doctor visits today as it’s the weekend …again! Only a speedy visit from the neurosurgeon who said Leo is doing great!

Night night xxx

Leo the Lion is sending everyone a big sloppy kiss


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