Monday 19th October 2015 – It’s like buying things for a newborn again! ……

Today I was not at the hospital,  I went with my mum and a friend to Murcia to buy stuff for Leo which so many people have contributed towards. Thank you everyone!

It was like almost shopping for a newborn baby again…except a big one in this case.

We eventually got a new pram, car seat, pillows, clothes, beanbag and rug and somehow managed to eventually squeeze it all in the car!! I was looking at highchairs but he would just be too heavy for them! Then I was looking at bibs and they wouldn’t even go around his neck! So its a bit difficult but hopefully in a few months he will be back to normal and I won’t be buying these baby items anymore!

12166188_10153675535791585_1871877572_n 12167804_10153675535571585_538747639_n

Sofia helped me construct a new trolley for Leos medication and nappies etc.

12170162_10153675536711585_930696801_nJorge told me that the nurse said there is no reason for us to go home. So she was going to speaking with the doctor and get all the papers together for Leo to leave!

Jorge told me that everything I needed to do I should do, so I have been stressing a bit today trying to do a million things as Leo will probably be home before or on Friday this week!!

As I was driving back from Murcia part of me was so excited that I would have my baby boy back in my house soon. The other part was very nervous, I was thinking that if we had not gone to the hospital then Leo would have died in my house 4 days later for sure. It scares the crap out of me (excuse my language) and I think it will take a while for me to feel comfortable at home as I am worried what happens if I do not spot something wrong with him, what if the tumour grows again really quick before he has radiotherapy… many thoughts going around in my head…I need to get back to some type of normality whatever that is now.

Jorge said Leo said Mama today!!! I am so happy even though I have not heard it live yet….tomorrow I am sure I will.

Leo even went to play in the school again today….he is really enjoying getting out and about.

12166411_10153675536491585_1721797212_n 12170233_10153675537246585_978342568_n


Tomorrow  I will be back at the hospital! and hopefully hear the new words that Leo is saying…I know I will cry when I hear him say ‘mama’ again in person…….. It is a moment that  4 weeks ago I never thought would ever happen again.


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