Sunday 18th October 2015 – Never thought 6 weeks ago today we would be doing this already….(the one I forgot to post)

Leo´s operation was 6 weeks ago today already! Although it does feel like it was a lot longer. One day feels like a week in the hospital! It really is amazing how much can happen in just 6 weeks, peoples lives can change so much in such a short space of time for the better or the worst.


After everything that has happened during the last  6 weeks I never thought I would be sat outside with Leo in the pram watching birds! The weather was beautiful so I thought why not. So I asked the nurse could I take him for a short walk and to the canteen across the road for a little bit and I was so so happy she said ´yes´. I think I had the same feeling of excitement like you have just before you go on holiday! Lol

outside 5

I wrapped Leo up well, and went for a wander with him and Woody. He was so happy to see outside, the fresh air and the birds. We went to the canteen where he was greeted almost like a celebrity after the men who work there all knew about Leo from when I was there weeks ago a real emotional wreck when I thought Leo would be dead in hours. One of them gave Leo a toy. The group of men who work at the canteen here are one of the most adorable groups of older men I have ever met! They are so sweet. I will have to get them another big box of English chocolates before we leave.

leo outside outside 2 outside 3 outside 4

People were staring at Leo at his head and tubes, but I do not care if Leo has a big ass scar right across his head, he is alive and smiling that’s all that matters! He will certainly have stories to tell people when he is older.


I think Leo is getting more confidence in me with feeding him through the tube, he looked more relaxed than yesterday which is good, he has not choice but to get used to it! .

The nurse gave him some more yoghurt and it was the first time that he actually opened his mouth to eat it, normally it’s a fight to get it in his mouth and ends up splatted everywhere!! More progress on that front!

I sat Leo up in the bed and we played with his new cars, he finally did something normal that 2 year old boys should be doing at this age.

1 2

Slowly he is getting back to his normal self, I hope we are able to leave soon as Leo realizes now he can leave the hospital room and constantly wants to go out in his pram gallavanting!!

A quiet Sunday and weekend all in all and all postive news!

Hopefully tomorrow we might have a date when we can leave!


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