Tuesday 20th October 2015 – More tears today….. after Leo saying ´mama´ and ´da da´

This morning I was running around very stressed trying to organize the house for Leo! All he needs now is a matress! Everything else is in place….I think… Except I do not have one bit of food in my fridge! Lol.  I have a very good friend who is going to clean my house tomorrow to ensure everything is perfect for Leos return! x


The doctor said they will give him another MRI on Thursday if everything is clear then for sure he will be out on Friday. I am pretty sure that the MRI will be clear but there is part of me that is scared what happens if the doctors see something unusual in his brain….or there is another tumour….but I am trying my best to be positive.

I went to the pharmacy this morning and still found it so strange to see a tin there with a photo of my baby boy on, the pharmacist asked me. ´Is this your son?´ she said he looks like me so she figured it out and she was so amazed at how fast everything happened. I think people are just so curious as to how we actually found out that Leo had a tumour. It was all down to the losss of movement at the end in his right hand, and that one amazing doctor who we owe so much to for ordering a CT scan. I cannot wait to thank him!…when I find out his name! lol

I think I almost feel more excited if Leo gets released on Friday than if I was travelling to Barbados again on Friday! I feel like I am on cloud 9, but then it hits me, what if something happens at home …?, what if the MRI is not clear?, how will I manage with him at home without nurses?…..but he is alive and that is the most important thing in the world and he has been through the worst of it…things can only really get better.

Today Jorge gave Leo pureed food for lunch and he ate loads, he was managing to swallow it all. And this evening I gave him more and yoghurt…..so hopefully if he is eating well then I hope they might remove his feeding tube as he has got the nack of swallowing again!


Leos lovely dinner for tonight!

This afternoon I was over the moon and shed a few more tears when I finally heard Leo say ´mama´  ´da da´ and ´nana´. In the day I was not here at the hospital it is amazing the progress, every day I feel excited now, like what will he do tomorrow….. what will he say?

I took Leo to the school where there was another boy who was playing football on the Wii, when the boy scored a goal Leo said  ´Goal´ and put his arm in the air!! His personality is still there! He can also say ´si´ and ´no´ now and he tried to sing his favourite song from Frozen ´Let it go´.


I am sooooo happy at the moment with all of his progress, and now I am counting down it could just be 3 more nights in this place left…. Fingers crossed.


This is the face Leo made when Jorge said he was going home…he wasn´t impressed at all…

We have been here now for 1 month and 18 days…..and it really does feel like a year!!

I cannot be more thankful to everyone for the continued support. The video of Leo saying ´mama´ was viewed about 1000 times in an hour and the other video of him laughing had about 2400 views. I really thought that people would get bored about hearing about Leo the Lion but people have continued to support him and us all of the way on this journey and it is amazing.

Another big THANK YOU to Jets Bar, Villaricos for another deposit that was made today to Leos bank account and to some other very good friends for you know what.

Someone told me today that on the 7th November they will do a skydive to raise funds for Leo which is amazing and totally unexpected and much appreciated by us all.

I am trying not to get ahead of myself but I am thinking about Friday, I was thinking about organizing some balloons and some people to the house to welcome Leo back home again after this experience but I need to hold my horses until Thursday to start organizing things….unfortunately.

Ohh I nearly forgot, the nurse shaved Leos other side of his head today (the right side) as to be honest he was starting to look a bit strange with one side long and one side short….now he looks more like my baby boy.

Now to chill out for a bit and get an early night as Leo is already sleeping. xxxx



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