Wednesday 21st October 2015- ‘It’s confirmed Friday is the BIG day!!!

My mind is in overdrive at the moment, so many things to do and feels like so little time now as the hospital have said he can go home on Friday! 🙂 It was exactly 7 weeks ago today that the nightmare began and  I never thought it could change to a positive again after only 7 weeks after everything we have been through…

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Photo above of Leo in his new pram which was bought by the help of everyone that has helped with donations. xxx

So this morning was a busy morning with hospital visitors! I wasn’t really functioning on all fours this morning as Leo had decided at 12pm last night that he wanted to talk loads, he was just laughing to himself, and kept repeating words and amusing himself….eventually at about 3/3.30am I think he fell asleep but he woke up at 6am!! So I was totally knackered today.  Then we dozed off for a bit only to get woken up by the physiotherapist, I hadnt even gotten out of my pjs! lol.

Physio was good today, she tried to make Leo put a bit of pressure on his feet and stand with her supporting him and  I think he did well. Then he was trying so hard to crawl but just getting frustrated and upset.

Leos breakfast tray arrived! it was hot milk with chocolate milk and biscuits, I checked with the nurse if she was sure it was for Leo and she said yes. So I mixed the choc milk and mashed in the biscuits into it. Leo loved it. 10 minutes later the Senior Nurse came in and said ohhh they have given Leo the wrong food as it was not totally pureed…..I told her he was eating it no problem and she was amazed!! Next week he will be on Mcdonalds and steaks!

The doctors then came to visit and said there is no reason for Leo to have the feeding tube anymore if he ate yesterday. They said the worst case they could always put it back again if he was not eating properly. I was so happy! I took off his gloves and untied his hand to give him a wash and within seconds he had pulled the tube out of his nose all the way from his stomach! He was so happy to have his hand free. He just kept looking at his free hand and smiling!

12168047_10153678670806585_92372420_n 12170375_10153678669971585_859768042_n

The doctors had said that the MRI was not confirmed for tomorrow and that if it was next week then we could go home on Friday and come back for it! I asked the doctor again if he was sure we could leave on Friday as I wanted to organize a welcome home party for Leo and he said YES!!!!!! It was the words I had wanted to hear for 7 weeks!!!! ….FINALLY…they were said!

They said the only thing I need to be careful of at home is that when  I feed him that the food doesn’t go into his lungs, as it can cause pneumonia. They said I will know if it does as he will cough like crazy.

The next visit was the social worker who came to say hello, she was totally lost for words at Leos progress like everyone…then the guy from the school came to say hello…busy busy…

Then it was another couple of doctors who said that Leo will have the MRI tomorrow and I had to sign an authorization form, but it will be days for the results so we will come back for them.  The doctor said they have decided Leo is too young for radiotherapy at the moment. I asked them what happens if the tumour grows again then…they told me they will know more after the results of this MRI scan. I guess now they will monitor him so closely after what is happened and the slightest sign of any changes they will take action.

I could hear the nurses talking amongst themselves at how shocked they were at Leos progress. Another nurse came in from another ward and was lost for words, she said 2 days ago he was not even speaking! For myself and Jorge we do not know what is normal in this case but I guess the nurses have seen similar cases to Leos and for sure it must be unusual for a child to progress as fast as he is.

I finally managed to get out of my PJS by this time…lol

Next visit was my favourite doctor friend who had fun rolling Leo about on the bed and winding him up! lol… I asked her about why everyone was so amazed and all talking about Leo, she told me that it was very strange for a child to progress as fast as he has and it wasn’t really normal but it was a good thing!

Leo now likes the nurses he has been hugging and kissing them. They started dancing around his bed singing a song about him being a champion! It was so sweet….

12178008_10153678670266585_100549500_n 12179278_10153678670411585_1382395471_n

Then another nurse came in to say the association is making a calender and they want Leo to be in it, so next week I will go back for the photos! The kids will be fairytale characters and Leo will be pinocchio!!! They have the perfect outfit for him….and the money generated will go towards to oncology ward and the school.

More good news that Leo was featured on the Justgiving twitter account today and the facebook page!!


Last month, two-year-old Leo had emergency surgery to remove a tumour from his brain. His local community are using JustGiving Crowdfunding to pay for a full rehabilitation programme to help Leo recover –

I left this afternoon looking like I was moving house with the amount of stuff I took to the car. I went to buy a good mattress for Leo! Mission accomplished thanks for the help from a good friend, never knew so many different types of mattresses even existed!! Another one of my good friends cleaned my house ready for the Lion to return and decorated it as a surprise which was so thoughtful!! Thank you so much to you both.


Leos temporary room in my living room!!

I managed to get some biscuits, chocolates and a thank you card for the nurses and the guys at the canteen and I think the house is ready for his arrival as well as the small welcome party….it is all slowly coming together!!

Too much excitement for one day!

Now totally pooped and time for bed!!



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