Thursday 22nd October 2015 – We can finally see the light that we thought we would never see….

One more sleep! For sure more exciting than Christmas Eve! 🙂

Rushing around again this morning buying more balloons and decorations for Leos ´small´ welcome home party tomorrow.(It is slowly becoming a bigger party)!  I stocked up on all of the shopping as I had no food in my house, I actually needed 2 trolleys I had to get that much stuff! Lol

20151022_131732[1] 20151022_122309[1]

I did another little clean in the house, put up more decorations. Beers, wine and cakes in the fridge and I think we are ready for the arrival of the Little Lion tomorrow.



Jorge called me and told me that Leo could leave today but I wasn´t ready so I said no, one more night in the hospital wouldn´t be bad after so long and I was not prepared I couldn´t change the party at last minute either! Lol.

The doctors took a blood test from Leo to do a final check of everything but we do not have the results yet. Leo did not end up having the MRI today but it has been confirmed for Monday so I will come back for that with him.

The physio woman was very happy as usual with Leo and he even managed to push himself a little while on his stomach with the left leg.


We received a lovely parcel today with the personalized ´Leo the Lion´ T -Shirt, knitted teddy and Leo the Lion poster! It was just received in time for his hospital exit…we don´t have to worry about what clothes he will wear tomorrow. They are sooooo cute! Thank You…

Eventually I made it back to the hospital and had a walk around the grounds first on my own. I had time to reflect a bit on everything. I was sitting outside and thinking its like the end of a chapter tomorrow of our lives and the beginning of a new one. I was remembering the times I was sat outside the hospital on the curb or steps and sobbing my eyes out with strangers hugging me and comforting me, the times I was giving up all hope and thinking about how on earth I would arrange a funeral in Spain. Then we have suddenly gone to Leo moving, eating, speaking a bit….and being full of is hard to mentally understand everything for us both. It will be very strange and quiet being back and home without nurses around 24 hours a day but I am so happy it is happening! It was been a whirlwind 7 weeks with ups and downs constantly everyday….but I think I have realized that despite everything the doctors and nurses have really proved themselves here. Maybe I was not in the right mind set to see it before but a lot of the doctors and nurses have now become as friends. I bought them all English biscuits and a Thank You card as basically at the end of the day despite the few things which I have mentioned in other blogs, they did save Leos life when the crunch came to the crunch! And we do owe our life to them for that.

The hospital has been packed for the last 2 days, I just walked past a load of people on the stairs crying their eyes out….I can so relate to that feeling very well, the feeling of hoplessness and sadness. I just want to give them all a big bear hug and tell them miracles can really happen.

When I have time I will still find out the name of the doctor in the other hospital that ordered the CT Scan that showed the tumour, we owe him so much more.

We have just packed up everything in the room, it looks naked now.  I guess the hospital had almost become our second home. 2 months ago if someone would have predicted that we would have gone through what we have been through in the last 7 weeks I would have bet my life on it that it could never be true…as I have said many times before you just never know what is around the corner in life. Treasure every moment…..  Someone (you know who…another person I met on this journey that I can myself being good friends with) told me not so long ago that everything happens for a reason, it may take 6 months for me to realize what or why or 2 years but it will happen one day for sure. I think this journey in my life has really taught me to appreciate everything you have, NEVER take anything for granted, do not even take tomorrow for granted, it has taught me to value the people that matter in my life and to ditch the bad that really did not even deserve a minute of my time in the first place. After this experience my life will be so different, our kids are the most important things to us in the world. I just pray that as the tumour was a type than can re-grow, I will hope and pray everyday that it never returns as I could never ever go through something like this again. I do not even know how we have all managed to cope. The journey is not over yet or even close to it, Leo will need a lot of help for a long time but ´LEO´ as a person is still there, his cheeky and affectionate personality which is the most important for us is still there for sure. I think I can safely say that we are over the worst of it. I think also this journey will make Leo stronger than ever in his life….and he will be able to overcome any obstacles big or small in the rest of his life.


I have received some beautiful messages from strangers who have seen Leos story on the ´Just Giving webpage and someone else wants to beat a world record for the longest inline hockey game in March (31 hours) and do it in the name of Leo to raise more funds to help him! It is incredible…..sometimes people you do not know and have never met before in your life can show more generosity, love and kindness than people who existed already in your life. That is another thing that I guess is a positive from this experience, I have made some really great friends. People who I have never really known well have ended up becoming some of my best friends now and Leo for sure will be having loads of visitors for a while!!


This is the page and post from facebook that everyone needs to like and wish these guys all the luck in the world to beat the world record. It is so amazing they are going to do this to help Leo more….I am totally speechless now….

World Record attempt for the longest inline hockey game 

´Ok everyone we are attempting to play the longest hockey game ever played this being 27 hours BUT there is teams who have completed 31 hours but not evidenced properly with Guinness world records, so really I want to beat 31 hours the event will be held on the 20th March 2016 at Atherton roller rink, there is a limited number of players who can participate 30 in total. There will be a fee to take part this can be done by raising money for little leo so please like and share the hell out of this page more information will come in time valhalla is the main team pushing this event so if you wsnt in let me know ‪#‎leothelion‬´

Leo was trying to drink from his bottle but can´t grasp the sucking action yet, he just kept biting the teet but baby steps…

20151022_200629[1] 20151022_201410[1]

Now for an early tonight, we can´t have a tired little Lion tomorrow!

Exciting times!!! Now to try and get the Lion to sleep ready for an exciting and happy day tomorrow!

I have a tired little Lion at the moment yawning away!



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