Friday 23rd October 2015- Hallelujah…the day finally arrived that we never thought would.

The Best day in the last 7 weeks and 2 days!

SO SO happy or actually more than happy!…..My baby boy is asleep right now in his own bed right at home!! We really never thought this day would ever ever come…..and if it did we never could imagine it would happen this soon..But it did ! We had lost all hope at one point in the last 7 weeks…but Leos destiny was obviously in this life was to beat this giant battle.


This morning was an exciting morning, packing up all of the room and the nurse gave Leo his final bath which was a little bit sad. Leo got his normal clothes on with his personalized ´Leo the Lion´ T shirt on. He finally looked like the normal Leo not wearing the hospital clothing anymore!


The nurse whisked Leo away for some time at the school for a last time so I could finish packing! Then we finally said our goodbyes to all of the nurses…..I think Leo had a real impact on the nurses and doctors at the hospital with his contagious affectionate personality and I think the fact also that he really was what you call a ´Medical Miracle´ is another reason.

The nurses got me to take photos of them with Leo and they were all calling his ´Their Leo´, it was really sweet. Leo was loving the attention from everyone. When we started saying more goodbyes to more of them and then the water works began, some of the nurses were crying a lot! I also felt really sad, it was like the end of a chapter in our lives and the start of a new one…but it was a chapter of our lives that we never want repeated ever again. We still have a long way to go with Leo but he is certainly off to a flying start…

31 32 33

We do not have the ´alta´ to actually leave the hospital yet but the doctors have given us permission to leave the hospital for the weekend then we have to go to back there on Monday morning for Leos MRI scan. We asked the doctors what would the chances be of another tumour growing again in the near future, they told us that it could be possible but they won´t know the next step about the radiotherapy etc until they get the results of the MRI next week…so one step at a time and at the moment I have my baby boy home which is the most important thing!  And the way Leo has proved everyone wrong in the last few weeks, we need to be positive!

40 41 42

We surprised Sofia today. I picked her up from school and I told her that Leo was not coming home until tomorrow…then Leo was really waiting for her at the house. It was another tear jerking moment today to see the look on her face to come home to see her baby brother lying on the bed! The bond between the two of them is incredible.



Later this afternoon we had a small party for Leo, too much food,and drinks as normal and beautiful decorations. A new friend that I have met on this journey, (that is one of the few good things that have come from this) bought some beautiful balloons , sweets for Sofia and Leo and a huge bunch of flowers in a beautiful vase and put them in my house as a surprise. it was so thoughtful
! Thank You…. And Thank you to Sue for the beautiful gold star balloon for Leo!!!

11 12


People arrived for the welcome home party…Leo was in a good mood and was still loving all of the attention. He was getting a bit tired towards the end but it was really nice.

Thank you so much for everyone that came to the party, thank you for all of the gifts, cakes, and everything for Sofia and Leo!

20 21 22 23

We really appreciate all of the support through all of this and it is amazing how small communities come together at tough times like this.

We are all totally exhausted today mentally and physically and I do not think I have energy to write anymore!

Night night everyone, I am off to snuggle my little Lion.XXX

PS Don´t forget about Esme´s skydive that she is doing in the name of Leo and her target is raise 1000gbp to help Leo. I am sure I had read on a post that if she gets more than the target she will skydive naked! This is the link for donations:


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