Tuesday 26th October 2015 – And I thought it would be a quick visit to the hospital…

So today was an early start for us all, trying to get Sofia ready for school and also to get Leo ready to go back to the hospital 1 hour away…rush,rush, rush

We left the house at about 7.15am as we were told to be at the hospital at 8.30am. We finally arrived at the hospital and Leo could not eat or drink anything because of the MRI. He got into the typical hospital attire and was so happy to see all of the nurses again, he greeted them all with a big smile.


We were waiting and waiting and then the nurses said they had to put the saline solution into Leo´s veins. I was under the impression that we would come here for like an x-ray and the leave within 2 hours…..boy I could not have been more wrong.


They took Leo to the nurses room where he got prodded again…they put a needle in his veins and the saline solution was set up to go in. I felt so sorry for Leo he has just been poked and prodded so many times its not fair on him at all.


We chilled in the room and as normal Leo was trying to grab the tubes from his hand, we had to cover it with a sheet to stop him! He played with some toys and had lots of visitors from different nurses and doctors. He was very content and relaxed.

I kept asking the doctor when the MRI would be and they said 30 minutes….of course that was a Spanish 30 minutes.lol….About 1.5 hours later a starving Leo got taken to the MRI scan. They were going to scan his head and all of his spine to check for damage, they said it would take 1 hour.


I left the hospital to do something, and returned after 1 hour and Leo was still not out, 1.5 hours later I was beginning to panic if something had gone wrong or they had suddenly seen something bad on the MRI.  But eventually the nurse came to get me and I had to follow her to another ward.


I was a bit confused as to where I was going, I had to wear a material hat, shoes, and gown! I entered a room totally full of people who were just recovering from an anaesestic also. It was not a nice sight! I got directed to Leo and he had an oxygen mask on, he looked ill again. I felt sick in the stomach. Hearing all the beeping noises again from all of the monitors and machines brought back bad bad memories.

As soon as I sat down Leo opened his eyes and smiled at me! The nurse said he must have been waiting for me to wake up! It was incredible, I did not even speak or touch him. He must have sensed that I was there.

There was a nurse who asked me, was this the kid that was in the intensive care about 3 weeks ago and I said yes. She was lost for words that it was the same kid.


Leo was not drowsy at all, he was smiling and trying to punch me in the face! Everyone else in the room was a bit blurry after waking up after the anaesestic, but of course Leo had to be different and he was shouting at me ´vamos´´ (lets go) lol. He was trying to yank the tubes out of his arm and pushed the oxygen mask out of the way, he kept pulling the heart beat thing off his finger! He is such a little rebel! lol.

We finally made it back to the room, I think it was about 3pm. Leo finally could have a drink and eat. Then I was asking the nurse to remove his drip then we could go. We waited about another hour for that and eventually left at about 6.30pm.

I was not prepared for such a long day at all!!  Leo was a little star and then slept all the way home.

Now the waiting game again….back to the hospital again on Wednesday for the results and the official papers for Leo to be discharged from the hospital.


Love this photo of little brother, protecting his big sister!


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