Tuesday 27th October 2015- Leo finally got to see his school mates.

A nice relaxing morning for Leo with beautiful weather today! Looks like the rain has disappeared.

I did Leos exercises with him this morning and he seems to be getting more into a routine now with the physio which is good. He is just full of smiles all day it is really amazing and breaks my heart when I have a flashback of the pain that he has suffered and he can still be so happy. He has no idea now at all, it was all just a big nightmare to him. Children are such an inspiration, I think more adults need to take a leaf out of the book of children.



My good friend popped round for a coffee to see us both, Leo was very happy. We even took him on the trampoline. He seemed to like it as he was stimulated by the balls on it and was trying hard to reach and grab them. We also held him on the slide, I think it is important that he still does things that he used to do obviously in moderation and adjusted to his capabilities but that way he still feels like he is involved and he is not a disabled kid.


As the weather was nice I took Leo to the school today, it was sad it see all of his school mates walking out together and Leo should be there, he should be part of that group. I was holding Leo and he recognized his friends and was trying to kiss them, most of the kids were quite reserved with him and a bit shy. I guess they remember the typical boisterous Leo running around, causing havoc everywhere, laughing etc….it must be difficult for them to understand why Leo is different to before. I really hope that when Leo is ready to go back to school that he will be able to blend back into the crowd although nothing has happened to him and be one of the normal little boys again one day. At the school it was although Leo was like a celebrity, everyone knew who he was and about his story…Leo was loving all the attention so that part of him certainly has not changed.

I was at the supermarket today and a person behind me asked if I was Leo´s mother, again it shows how many people Leo´s story has really touched.

I took Leo to a cafe today, and he saw the ice creams and he asked for one! So he has officially had his first ice cream and he loved it! ( He did really love it, it was just a bad photo…lol)


It is a little bit difficult at home as Leo is demanding a lot of attention. At the hospital he could have 24 hours of attention and now he is still craving that. Sometimes I do have to identify his attention seeking cry and leave him for a little bit otherwise he will not learn, sometimes I have to attend to him in a second as I feel so bad after what he has been through.

So many people have been asking how I am feeling now. The truth is I feel like I really have gone totally numb, I almost feel so emotionless now….When Leo was at his worst I was an emotional wreck and I did need stuff to make me relax but now I feel calm and just so happy Leo is home. I know its not finished yet and there is a long way to go…but even if Leo did not improve anymore than he has already the fact is that he is alive and smiling, and that is worth more than anything. We could have lost him.

While I was making the video last night of Leos Journey and looking at the worst photos when Leo was the sickest, I feel like it did not really happen. I cannot remember much now from that time. I guess I have just put a giant block in my head from it.

Tonight this physiotherapist came and she said she has noticed in 3 days that Leo has more strength in his right foot and also he is saying more words than the other day. That is incredible after just 3 short days!


An early night tonight as tomorrow is an early start to go back to the hospital for the results….feeling a bit nervous but I hope this will be the last drive to the hospital for a while…. Tomorrow hopefully I will get the official discharge papers for Leo and all of his medical reports!

If all goes to plan I think a glass of wine is in order tomorrow night!

Don´t forget about the skydive guys!



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