Thursday 29th October 2015 – A decision has finally been made….


We have finally made a decision….after a lot of debates some of them a bit heated due to the stressfulness of the situation. It is like deciding Leo´s life for him…

I think I can safely say that it is the hardest decision we have ever had to make in our whole lives and probably ever will.

We have decided to go to Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital as soon as possible. I have spoken with someone there in depth about Leos case and they will be waiting for him. I was also speaking to someone at Alder Hey hospital and it was a very difficult decision between the two. The two liase with each other anyway and in Manchester we have family and more friends which we really will really need as support during this difficult time.


Thank you so much to friends, nurses from hospitals, doctors and strangers that have messaged me today. It is so overwelming again that people are taking their time to give their advice. I am sorry I cannot reply to them all. My phone battery died in like an hour today as it was non stop ringing and receiving messages. I feel like my head is going to explode, I have not even had time to eat today!

Jorge went to the hospital today to collect a CD with all of Leos scans and all of his reports. They told him they had made a decision to give Leo chemotherapy and if it works and reduces size of tumour, then to proceed with it and eventually radiotherapy. If chemo does not work then he would have the operation.  To be honest I think I would feel more comfortable communicating in my own language and for Leo to be at a place that is a childrens hospital that do have a speciality in dealing with brain tumours.  The hospital we have choosen does also have the latest hi tech equipment. There is no right decision….if only we had a crystal ball.


We do not know what is the right or wrong decision at the moment, only time will tell. Jorge spoke with a top person at the hospital here also and he said that everyone knows Leos case, he was sending Leos papers to hospitals in Malaga and Barcelona and if needs be then Leo would be taken their immediately.


We will ask the doctors tomorrow if Leo is safe to fly, if so then we will fly on Sunday to Manchester. If not we have no option but to drive…but time is not on Leos side at the moment. It really is like a race against time. We are also going to ask the doctors to give Leo a regular medical check up to confirm he is in good health. Sofia will fly out in a week or so with my mum when we know more. At the moment Leo needs both of our undivided attention.  We have no idea how long it will be (how long is a piece of string) and we know there is no going back on our decision……it is something we will have to live with. At the end of the day whatever happens we will know that we did everything in our power to save our little boys life.  What will be will be.

Sofia is very confused she does not know what is going on, I told her that we are going and she will come with nana….but it so sad. I will miss my baby girl so bloody much but I cant bring her over yet.


This is when I have to say another huge thank you for all the donations, this is when it really counts. We would not have even been able to think about going to England if it wasn´t from the help of everyone that has donated.

Leos story is so well known now, the BBC northwest might do a news story on Leo also which would be great for awareness to be raised!!

We need everyone to change their profile pictures to the Lion to bring good luck his way!


Leo has been a happy chappy today although we are not sure if he is getting sharp pains in his head and sometimes he screams all of a sudden or it could just be frustration. He had an ice cream today, a nice walk which I am sure we will not be doing in freezing England!! We do not even own any winter clothes. lol

It really does look like Leo has won all of the battles he just has to win this final war! When he does and will the funds left we have from donations I woul like to use them to help other families with similar problems as Leos. Even if I could stop one parent going through what we have it is worth more than anything in the world. I do not know the odds of this happening like in Leos case and another tumour growing again so quick but I am sure the odds are unbelievable!  It is not fair, he has fought so so hard with every obstacle put infront of him and overcome every hurdle……why do it to him again! He is such a happy loving little boy…it is just not right at all. Two days ago we were all sooooo happy with all of his progress and being back at home and now our lives just got another bomb dropped on them.

The person that told me that everything happens for a reason I am finding it very very hard to understand why on earth this would happen to him again…..maybe in time the answers will come…but for now all I can say is that Leo has really been dealt a shitty set of cards.

Dont forget the donating websites

Night night everyone.


One thought on “Thursday 29th October 2015 – A decision has finally been made….

  1. Karen I couldn’t help but say how I think you have made the right decision for your beautiful little boy. Iv been following his journey through your blog and our mutual friends and I am so so sorry to hear this bad news!
    He is such a brace little boy and I am sure he can get through anything now he his come this far. I know it must have been a scary decision but I’m sure it was the right one, he will be in the best possible place with all the specialist care he needs!
    Good luck to all of you on your journey.


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