Sunday 1st November 2015- I suddenly feel like a foreigner in the UK now…but we made it safe and sound


A quick update today after another long ass day….

An early start this morning…..saying goodbye to my baby girl was one of the hardest things ever…and watching her say goodbye to her little brother was heartbreaking.


I am very hay to say we all made it safe and sound to Manchester. Although Easy Jet did assign us all seats apart from each other and I had to tell them that my son could not sit on his own as he had just had brain surgery, they had to get some people to move seats and we finally we all got to sit together thank god.

106 103 102

Leo was really good on the flight and slept for about an hour and then he was happy just playing with some toys and looking out of the window. I was so scared on the flight incase anything happened to him but thank god he was good as gold..

That is the first hurdle that Leo has overcome…..tomorrow for the next one.

We got picked up from Liverpool by my brother and made it to Manchester. Leo was just gazing out of the windows…I think he was just amazed by the amount of cars on the road compared to the Vera traffic! lol….

99 98 97

We went for a wander around this evening, Leo passed out with all of the excitement from today and we had a drink a wetherspoons for a bit of dutch courage for whatever tomorrow brings!!

105 107

Night night everyone…..We will see what news tomorrow brings!


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