Monday 2nd November 2015- Good news and bad news today…


Leo enjoyed spending time with his cousins this morning and playing with them in the house. It is nice that he has got to know them a bit more now.

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Leo went for a brisk walk in the morning in the pram to drop his cousins off at nursery and got to go in the class for a little bit to see some kids which he enjoyed.

So this morning we got Leo registered with a GP which was no problem.

This afternoon we drove to Alder Hey, Hospital in Liverpool.  The hospital looks amazing and is so modern, the new building has only been open for about a month…it looked more like a hotel than a hospital. It is so sad that its just a hospital for sick kids, there are so many of them.

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We had a meeting with the finance people and there are a couple of things we need to sort out then we met the famous neurosurgeon Mr Mallucci.

Mr Mallucci was very very pleasant and he had a look at Leo´s scans and had a quick look at Leo. We explained everything briefly again to him about everything that had happened to Leo in the last 8 weeks. He seemed very optimistic, he said that he thinks the tumour could be cancerous as it has grown so quickly and he thinks possibly it could be a different type of tumour based on its location. Obviously nothing at all is confirmed yet as there will need to be another biopsy on it.

Mr Connors plan would be to remove the tumour as soon as possible and then Leo would need either chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Tomorrow there is a meeting so they will discuss the best action for Leos case. In theory he wants to have Leo at the hospital on Wednesday for tests and then the operation on Thursday.

Even though it is bad news that the tumour could be cancerous I didn´t feel as upset as a few days ago as he seems so optimistic about the operation. He did not really say anything negative about it, obviously as with every major brain operation there are always risks. He also said he would only cut a small incision in Leos head to do the surgery.

Hopefully tomorrow we will have something more concrete and we can start planning more.

Totally mentally drained again today….as you can probably tell by the tonation of the blog tonight. Feels like I have not slept properly in about 2 months!!

Leo had a nice skype chat with his big sister anyway.

54 53 55

Night night everyone.


2 thoughts on “Monday 2nd November 2015- Good news and bad news today…

  1. Y digo yo: Donde está dios en estás situaciones? Xq permite esto? Yo pienso q no existe y si existe peor me lo pones xq entonces de bueno no tiene nada.Esta es mi opinion no pretendo ofender a nadie


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